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License Requirements & Exemptions

License Requirements

An Oklahoma resident or nonresident fishing license is required of all persons who take, attempt to take or possess fish or other aquatic dwelling organisms by any method in Oklahoma. Persons fishing the Red River must have a valid Oklahoma fishing license unless exempt.

In addition, persons fishing on waters located within the Honobia Creek or Three Rivers Wildlife Management Areas must have a valid Land Access Permit, unless exempt.

Persons residing in another state who own land in Oklahoma but do not live on that land, and are fishing on that land, must purchase a nonresident fishing license.

All required licenses or written evidence of exemption and identification must be carried while fishing.

Fishing Guide License

Fishing guides must possess an Oklahoma fishing guide license. This license costs $90 unless the guide provides Coast Guard Mariner credentials, in which case the license costs $20. For a list of licensed guides, visit

License Exemptions

The following persons are exempt from the res­i­dent or non­res­i­dent fishing license:

  • Residents under 16, and nonresidents ages 14 to 16 who are residents of AL, AK, AR, CA, CT, DE, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MD, Ml, NH, NY, NC, ND, OH, TX, or Wl.
  • Nonresidents under 14.
  • Resident owners or tenants, their spouses, par­ents, grandparents, children and their spouses, grand­chil­dren and their spouses who fish in pri­vate ponds on land owned or leased by such own­er or tenant.
  • Nonresidents 65 and older who are residents of Texas.
  • Resident disabled veterans with 60 percent or more disability. Call State Dept. of Veterans Affairs, (888) 655-2838 to acquire proof of exemption.
  • Any person who fishes with pole and line, trotline or throw line in streams, natural ponds and mine pits in or forming the bound­ary of the county in which he is a bona fide resident, when using any bait oth­er than com­mer­cial or artificial bait, blood, stink bait, cut fish, and shrimp.
  • Any person legally blind or physically im­paired who is unable to properly use fishing ap­pa­ra­tus and one ac­com­pa­ny­ing companion while the blind or phys­i­cal­ly impaired per­son is fish­ing.
  • Persons under 18 who are in legal and phys­i­cal cus­to­dy of the State of Oklahoma or its agencies by court order.
  • Persons under 18 who are in the custody of a child care facility as defined by Title 10 O.S., Section 402.
  • Persons fishing during Oklahoma’s Free Fishing Days.
  • Any patient of a state institution in Okla­ho­ma es­tab­lished for the care and treatment of mental ill­ness or alcohol or drug de­pen­den­cy or any person de­vel­op­men­tal­ly disabled residing in any group home or oth­er in­sti­tu­tion or persons developmentally disabled when accompanied by an at­ten­dant of such in­sti­tu­tion or le­gal guardian or when fishing on in­sti­tu­tion­al prop­er­ty.
  • Residents having a proven disability render­ing them nonambulatory and confined to wheel­chairs as cer­ti­fied by a duly qualified physician.
  • Job Corps trainees of this state, having a prop­er iden­ti­fi­ca­tion card.
  • Any person participating in an aquatic education event or clinic sanctioned by the Wildlife Department.
  • The following persons are exempt from the purchase of the Land Access Permit (Honobia Creek and Three Rivers WMAs): Oklahoma residents under 18 years-of-age on the first day of the current calendar year or those 64 years-of-age or older. All nonresidents are required to purchase an $85 annual Land Access Permit, no exemptions.

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