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License Requirements

Residents & Nonresidents: A hunting license or proof of exemption.

Dates & Open Areas

October 10 – November 16, 2012 and December 9, 2012 – March 4, 2013

Daily Limit

No Limit.

Shooting Hours

One-half hour before official sunrise to official sunset.

Legal Means of Taking

Firearms, archery equipment and legal raptors as provided under General Hunting Regulations. Shotguns larger than 10 gauge are prohibited.

Depredation Order

Federally-approved non-toxic shot must be used when taking crows under depredation order. Federal law provides for a depredation order for crows when committing or about to commit depredations or when concentrated in such numbers and manner as to constitute a health hazard or other nuisance. For a complete copy od the Depredation Order, see 50 CFR, Part 21.43.

Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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