Statewide Regulations

Fishing Regulations Ohio Freshwater Fishing





Blue & Flathead Catfish (under 35 inches) No limit None
Blue & Flathead Catfish (35 inches or larger) 1 of each (statewide) 35 inches
Channel Catfish (under 28 inches) 6 (public lakes under 700 acres)

No limit (all other public waters)

Channel Catfish (28 inches or larger) 1 (statewide) 28 inches
Lake Sturgeon Possession is prohibited None
(The lake sturgeon is an endangered species in Ohio and must be returned unharmed to the water immediately if caught.)
Largemouth, Smallmouth, & Spotted Bass 5 (singly or in combination) 12 inches
Muskellunge 1 None
Striped, Hybrid-Striped, & White Bass 30 No more than 4 over 15 inches
Trout (all species) 5 (singly or in combination) None
Walleye, Sauger, & Saugeye 6 (singly or in combination) None
Yellow Perch 30 None
All other fish No limit None

These regulations apply to all public waters in Ohio where site-specific regulations are not implemented. Exceptions to these regulations include Lake Erie and its tributaries, locations listed in the Site-Specific Waters, Pymatuning Lake , and the Ohio River.