Director’s Message

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Dear Wildlife Stakeholders:

As more and more people call North Carolina home, we must continue to conserve and manage aquatic, wetland and upland habitats for the benefit of fish, wildlife and people. We carry out this work with the support of hunting and fishing licenses and vessel registrations; federal excise taxes on equipment purchased by hunters, shooters, anglers and boaters; state appropriations; and strong partnerships with sportsmen and other conservation groups.

In addition to conserving the abundance and diversity of North Carolina’s wildlife resources and their habitats, we are working hard on your behalf to provide a statewide public access infrastructure along with programs that assure opportunities to enjoy North Carolina’s wildlife and wild places. We manage 92 Game Lands statewide, consisting of over two million acres. Outdoor recreational opportunities on these game lands, depending upon locality include hunting, shooting sports, fishing, hiking, trapping, horseback riding, wildlife watching, boating and kayaking. The Commission, either independently or with cooperator assistance, also provides the public with 242 boating access areas, which are free and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week; 225 public fishing areas; 10 shooting ranges and three archery ranges.

This past year, the Commission established the Dan River Game Land and added 2,561 acres to Johns River Game Land in Burke County. Comprising 1,728 acres, the Dan River Game Land is the first game land in Rockingham, Stokes, Forsyth and Guilford counties greater than 100 acres.

We will continue to seek opportunities to increase public access to the great outdoors. I encourage you and your families to take advantage of North Carolina’s available outdoor opportunities using our interactive boating, fishing, and game land maps at ncwildlife.org to plan your next adventure.

Sincerely Yours,

Gordon Myers

Executive Director