A Message From the Director

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Dear Wildlife Stakeholders:

Since the Wildlife Commission’s inception in 1947, the agency has been dedicated to conserving and managing North Carolina’s fish and wildlife resources and the ecosystems that support them. Each year, we conduct a wide variety of species surveys and monitoring, and applied research projects that help us assure our policies and programs are built on a robust scientifically sound foundation. We accomplish this important work through our exceptionally talented professional staff and in collaboration with university and other partners.

Given the significance of surveys, monitoring, and research in fish and wildlife management decisions and ultimately our day-to-day operations, we recently dedicated a full-time position to coordinate and integrate agency research more seamlessly across all our divisions. Along with improved identification and prioritization of agency research, we expect to enhance our ability to share research project results with you. The research, surveys and monitoring we conduct enable us to more effectively manage wildlife and their habitats for hunters, anglers, boaters and other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy wildlife-associated recreation.

Thank you for entrusting us as stewards of North Carolina’s wildlife resources. Without your direct support of our efforts through the purchase of a hunting, fishing or trapping license or vessel registration; or the purchase of hunting, shooting, angling or boating equipment, none of our management efforts would be possible.

Sincerely Yours,

Gordon Myers

Executive Director