Highlights of Changes for 2018–2019

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Reminder for Fisher Trapping Season

In 2016, following completion of the New York State Fisher Management Plan, regulations were adopted to: (1) reduce the fisher (and marten) trapping season from 46 days to 30 days in select Adirondack Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) in the Northern Zone; (2) establish a 6-day fisher trapping season in select WMUs in Central/Western New York; and (3) require a free special permit for all fisher trapping. For more information on how to obtain a free, special permit for fisher trapping, see Permit Requirements for Fisher and Marten.

Pending Regulations

At the time the guide went to press, regulations were pending related to deer feeding. Please check DEC’s website for the latest regulation changes before heading afield this fall. Go to http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/28182.html.

Hunting & Trapping Essay Contest

We asked New York’s hunters and trappers to share stories about their first memorable experience afield or an experience during which they introduced a new person to hunting or trapping. Based on age categories, we selected three essays to appear in this year’s Hunting and Trapping Regulations Guide. Be sure to check them out (Junior Youth Hunter Essay Winner, Senior Youth Hunter Essay Winner, and Adult Hunter Essay Winner)!