Eurasian Boar Eradication

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Hunting or Trapping Eurasian Boars is Illegal in New York State

Eurasian boars are a destructive invasive species that damage habitat and crops, and threaten native wildlife and domestic livestock. DEC is working with the USDA to eradicate these animals from the state’s landscape. To ensure maximum effectiveness of Eurasian boar eradication efforts, the Eurasian Boar Law and Regulation have resulted in the following changes in New York:

  • It is illegal to hunt, trap or take free-ranging Eurasian boars.
  • It is illegal to import, breed or release Eurasian boars.
  • It is illegal to disturb, destroy, open, obstruct or interfere with any DEC/USDA Eurasian boar trap.
  • It is illegal to release or remove any Eurasian boar caught in a DEC/USDA trap.
  • As of September 1, 2015, it is illegal to possess, sell, distribute, trade or transport Eurasian boars.

Although DEC’s eradication efforts have been very successful to date, we must remain vigilant. Anyone who sees a Eurasian boar should report it to DEC as soon as possible.

Q. If I see a Eurasian boar while I am deer hunting, can I shoot it?

A. No, it is illegal to hunt or trap free-ranging Eurasian boars in New York. Report any animal that you think might be a Eurasian boar to the nearest DEC regional wildlife office or e-mail us (wildlife@dec.ny.gov). Try to get a picture of the animal and include it with your report. Include a description of the animal, how many you saw and the exact location (county, town, distance and direction from an intersection, nearest landmark, etc.).

Q. Can I hunt Eurasian boars at a fenced hunting preserve in New York?

A. No, as of September 1, 2015, it is illegal for anyone to possess live Eurasian boar in NY. Fenced hunting preserves, also called canned hunts or enclosed shooting facilities, cannot have Eurasian boar and cannot offer Eurasian boar hunts.

Q. I own a farm and some wild pigs are destroying my crops. I think they might be Eurasian boars. Can I shoot them?

A. Maybe. If they are domestic pigs that likely escaped from a nearby farm, do not shoot them and try to find the owner. If they are Eurasian boars, there are provisions in the regulation that would allow you to shoot these animals if they are damaging property you own or occupy. Contact a DEC Regional Office to determine if a permit is needed to shoot nuisance or destructive Eurasian boars on your property.