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Director’s Message

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Welcome to another year of angling in New York and thanks for your continued interest in and support for New York’s aquatic resources!

In 2011 the Division proudly completed the Rome Fish Hatchery building project, which included a new early rearing building, office, and a new visitor’s center. This project, which began with the demolition of the old office/rearing building in 2009, was completed with minimal impacts to fish production at the hatchery. In fall 2010, we brought in a full complement of domestic brook and brown trout eggs, and moved them into the hatchery building in March 2011. During the summer 2011, we publically reopened the facility with a visitor’s center. New interpretative panels explain and illustrate the steps we take in raising fish from egg to stocking and visitors can stroll the grounds to see the fish in their rearing tanks.

The Rome Hatchery isn’t the only location where you can see the workings of our top-notch hatchery system. Salmon River Hatchery has long been considered the flagship facility, but any of the 12 hatcheries in the system can provide you with an up-close look at the fish we are raising to enhance angling in New York. Some hatcheries have more formal visitor displays, but at any you can observe the fish and the facilities that create the 900,000 pounds of fish we stock annually.

See something you don’t recognize? Few people realize that our hatcheries don’t just raise game fish. As described, DEC hatcheries are assisting with restoration of rare or threatened species by rearing paddlefish, lake sturgeon, and round whitefish, which are then released to help populations of these diminished species at selected sites.

Check out our website for more information on the hatcheries, and make sure you’re signed up for Field Notes, our biweekly newsletter that keeps you updated on the latest happenings in the Division.

So as you travel New York, please stop in and see how we are raising fish to help ensure that Fishing is Great in New York State!

Patricia Riexinger, Director

Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources

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