Special Fishing Regulations For Waters In New York City

Fishing Regulations Icon New York Fishing



Open Season

Minimum Length

Daily Limit


Indian Lake, Crotona Park; Van Cortlandt Lake

All Species except snakeheads

All year

Catch and release fishing only.

All fish, except for snakeheads, shall be returned to the water immediately. See Snakehead Alert information below for instructions on handling a snakehead you have caught.

Kings (Brooklyn)
Prospect Park Lake
New York (Manhattan)
Central Park- all waters
Baisley’s Pond, Kissena Lake, Meadow Lake, Oakland Lake, Willow Lake
Richmond (Staten Island)
Brooks Lake, Clove Lake, Willowbrook Lake, Wolfe’s Pond

Snakehead Alert

Northern snakehead and other snakehead species are listed as species dangerous to native fish populations in New York, and their possession is strictly prohibited. These fish can seriously damage native fish communities. Any snakehead caught while angling cannot be released back into the water.

It must be immediately euthanized and reported to DEC. Kill it, freeze it, and report your catch to a local DEC office. Note that the northern snakehead can be confused with burbot and bowfin, two species native to New York. To determine if you have indeed caught a northern snakehead, review the distinguishing characteristics below.