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Message from the Governor

New York’s Open for Hunting and Fishing


Welcome to another great hunting and trapping season! From the Catskills to the Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes and Great Lakes regions, our abundant natural resources and diverse wildlife make the Empire State ideal for hunting and trapping. In New York hunters can pursue a wide variety of wildlife, including big game, small game, game birds, waterfowl, and furbearers. This is why New York is the destination of choice for hunters from across the state and around the country.

I believe outdoor sportsmen are the foundation of the state’s conservation community, and are committed to caring for the state’s habitats, forestland and waterways. I also recognize that hunting, fishing and trapping are a key part of our tourism industry, generating more than $8.1 billion of economic activity in New York.

Which is why I’m pleased to announce a new initiative that will make New York even more attractive to hunters and anglers. My “New York Open for Fishing and Hunting” plan will streamline sporting licenses and reduce fees to benefit sportsmen and sportswomen throughout the state. We have also lowered fees for non-residents to encourage out-of-state hunters to experience the great game opportunities in New York. I am confident this initiative will not only expand participation in the time-honored traditions of hunting, trapping and angling, but will also be a boon to our economy.

According to a recent U.S. Fish and Wildlife survey, an estimated 823,000 hunters spent 18.4 million days afield in New York in 2011, the 3rd highest total number of hunters in the United States. The 84,000 non-residents who travel to New York to hunt make the Empire State the 7th most popular hunting destination in the nation.

We are proud of New York’s historic commitment to preserving and promoting hunting, which has never been stronger. I invite you to enjoy a successful—and safe—hunting season in the great state of New York.

Andrew M. Cuomo

Governor, State of New York


Governor Cuomo’s NY SAFE Act will have no impact on most hunters in New York. If you have any questions or concerns about the SAFE Act, please visit Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act website at

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