Public Deer Hunting Land

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New Jersey has more than 750,000 acres of public land available to the deer hunter. This list is arranged by deer management zone for public land open to deer hunting. Generally, only areas with 100 acres or more of upland habitat are listed. State parks and forests that allow hunting may have some sections which are closed to hunting. Some areas allow deer hunting only during certain seasons, require an access fee or have other special regulations. Refer to the Digest section Special Areas Hunting Season Information or contact the appropriate authority for details.

Remember: Hunters must have permission to hunt agricultural land even if the land is not posted. Hunters should obtain permission before hunting any private property. Hunters are advised not to purchase a deer permit for a zone in which they have no place to hunt.

Updates since last year are noted below in red.

Zone Public Land Open to Deer Hunting

1 • Bear Swamp WMA

• Flatbrook—Roy WMA

• Hainesville WMA

• Stokes State Forest

2 • Kittatinny Valley State Park

• Paulinskill WMA

• Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge (see Special Areas)

• Wawayanda State Park

3 • Abram Hewitt State Forest

• Hamburg Mountain WMA

• Long Pond Ironworks State Park

• Newark Watershed (see Special Areas)

• Norvin Green State Forest

• Ramapo Mountain State Forest

• Ringwood State Park

• Wawayanda State Park

4 • Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

• Flatbrook—Roy WMA

• Stokes State Forest

• Walpack WMA

• Worthington State Forest

5 • Beaver Brook WMA

• Columbia WMA

• Honey Run WMA

• Jenny Jump State Forest

• Paulinskill WMA
• Swartswood State Park

• Trout Brook WMA

• White Lake WMA

• Whittingham WMA

6 • Allamuchy Mountain State Park

• Berkshire Valley WMA

• Farny State Park

• Morris County Park System (see Special Areas)

• Newark Watershed (see Special Areas)

• Rockaway River WMA

• Sparta Mountain WMA

• Weldon Brook WMA

• Wildcat Ridge WMA

7 • Buckhorn Creek WMA

• Clinton WMA

• Hunterdon County Parks Dept.—Union Forge Preserve, Tower Hill Reserve (see Special Areas)

• Musconetcong River WMA

• Spruce Run Recreation Area

8 • Allamuchy Mountain State Park

• Black River WMA

• Hacklebarney State Park

• Hunterdon County Parks Dept.—Cold Brook Preserve, Teetertown Ravine Nature Preserve, Point Mountain Preserve (see Special Areas)

• Ken Lockwood Gorge WMA

• Morris County Park System (see Special Areas)

• Musconetcong River WMA

• Pequest WMA

• Rockport WMA

• South Branch WMA

• Voorhees State Park

9 • Black River WMA

• Morris County Park System (see Special Areas)

10 • Hunterdon County Parks Dept.—Musconetcong Gorge, the Drag Strip Property, Hoffman Park, Schick Reserve, South Branch Reservation, Uplands Reserve (see Special Areas)

• Musconetcong River WMA

11 • Hunterdon County Parks Dept.—Lockatong Nature Preserve, the Case Farm, Wescott Nature Preserve (see Special Areas)

• Lockatong WMA

12 • Hunterdon County Parks Dept.—Cushetunk Mountain Park, Sourland Mountain Nature Preserve, Deer Path Park, South Branch Reservation (see Special Areas)

• Mercer County Parks—Pole Farm Section

• Round Valley Recreation Area

• South Branch WMA

13 • Morris County Park System (see Special Areas)

14 • Assunpink WMA (Robbinsville Twp section only)

• Pigeon Swamp State Park

• Six Mile Run Reservoir State Park (see Special Areas)

15 • Assunpink WMA

• Monmouth County Park System—Charleston Springs Golf Course, Perrineville Lake Park (see Special Areas)

16 • Butterfly Bogs WMA

• Turkey Swamp WMA

• Monmouth County Park System—Bear Swamp Tract of Manasquan Reservoir, Howell Park Golf Course, Turkey Swamp Park, Yellowbrook Tract of Manasquan River Linear Park (see Special Areas)

17 • Colliers Mills WMA

• Monmouth County Park System—Clayton Park, Crosswicks Creek Park (see Special Areas)

• Pleasant Run WMA

• Prospertown Lake WMA

18 • Colliers Mills WMA

• Manchester WMA

• Whiting WMA

19 • Medford WMA

• Wharton State Forest

21 • Double Trouble State Park

• Forked River Mountain WMA

• Greenwood Forest WMA

• Lebanon State Forest

22 • Bass River State Forest

23 • Wharton State Forest

24 • Bass River State Forest

• Penn State Forest

• Stafford Forge WMA

• Swan Bay WMA

• Warren Grove Recreation Area

• Wharton State Forest

25 • Cedar Lake WMA

• Great Egg Harbor River WMA

• Penbryn Pond WMA

• Wharton State Forest

• White Oak Branch WMA

26 • Great Egg Harbor River WMA

• Hammonton Creek WMA

• Makepeace Lake WMA

• Port Republic WMA

27 • Salem River WMA

• Thundergut Pond WMA

28 • Buckshutem WMA

• Elmer Lake WMA

• Parvin State Park

• Union Lake WMA

29 • Bayside PSE&G Tract (see Special Areas)

• Cohansey River WMA

• Gum Tree Corner WMA

• Mad Horse Creek WMA

• Maskells Mill Pond WMA

• Stowe Creek State Park

30 • Bear Swamp Natural Area (closed Jan. 15–Aug. 1)

• Dix WMA

• Egg Island WMA
• Fortescue WMA

• Nantuxent WMA

• New Sweden WMA

31 • Millville WMA

• Buckshutem WMA

34 • Beaver Swamp WMA

• Belleplain State Forest

• Cape May Coastal Wetlands WMA
• Cape May National Wildlife Refuge

• Dennis Creek WMA
• Heislerville WMA

• Higbee Beach WMA

• Tuckahoe WMA

• Lizard Tail Swamp Preserve (see Special Areas)

35 • D.O.D. Ponds

• Harrisonville Lake WMA

36 • Morris County Park System (see Special Areas)

37 • Fort Dix Military Reservation (see Special Areas)

38 • Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge (see Special Areas)

39 • No public deer hunting land

41 • Alexauken Creek WMA

• Mercer County Parks—Baldpate (Kuser) Mountain

• Mercer County Parks—Howell Living History Farm

42 • Port Republic WMA

• Tuckahoe WMA

43 • Millville (Bevan) WMA

45 • Menantico Ponds WMA

• Peaslee WMA

46 • Gibson Creek WMA

• Great Egg Harbor River WMA

• Tuckahoe WMA (Lenape Farms Tract)

• Maple Lake WMA (Lenape Farms Tract)

• Peaslee WMA

47 • Peaslee WMA

48 • Rancocas State Park (see Special Areas)

49 • No public deer hunting land

50 • Cheesequake State Park

• Monmouth County Park System—Hartshorne Woods Park, Tatum Park, Thompson Park, Big Brook Park, Huber Woods, the Ramanessin Section of Holmdel Park (see Special Areas)

51 • Allaire State Park

• Manasquan River WMA

• Manahawkin WMA

• Monmouth County Park System—Shark River Park, Rt. 33 Tract and Shark River Park—East of Remsen Mill Rd.
(see Special Areas)

53 • Lakehurst Naval Air Engineering Station (see Special Areas)

54 • No public deer hunting land

55 • Glassboro WMA

56 • Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge (see Special Areas)

57 • Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge (see Special Areas)

58 • Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge—north of Rt. 72 (see Special Areas)

61 • Atlantic County Park System (see Special Areas)

63 • Abbotts Meadow WMA

• Supawna Meadows National Wildlife Refuge (see Special Areas)

64 • Monmouth Battlefield State Park (see Special Areas)

65 • Winslow WMA

• White Oak Branch WMA

66 • Federal Aviation Administration William J. Hughes Technical Center (see Special Areas)

67 • High Point State Park (see Special Areas)

68 • Franklin Parker Preserve (see Special Areas)

70 • Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, north of the Mullica River and south of Rt. 72 (see Special Areas)

Maps Available

Maps and information on hunting land is also available from the following sources:

Wildlife Management Area Maps
Free download. Maps and information on lands administered by NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife. Both topographic and road maps available. NJFishandWildlife.com/wmaland.htm
Photocopies also available of individual WMA maps on USGS base. Free. Specify which WMA.
NJ Div. Fish and Wildlife, WMA Map Request
MC 501-03, P.O. Box 420, Trenton, NJ 08625-0420
(609) 984-0547.

USGS Topographic Maps
Free download. Topo quads available.
Or write, below, stating exact location including county, township and road.
Printed topo quads—$10 ea.
NJ DEP Division of Water Supply and
Geoscience Maps and Publications
MC 29-01, P. O. Box 420, Trenton, NJ 08625-0402
(609) 292-1185

State Parks and Forests Maps
Free download. Find a state park, forest,
recreation area or marina by location.
www.state.nj.us/dep/parksandforests/parks/parkindex.html. Maps and information on lands administered by the Division of Parks and
Forestry. Specify which park or forest. Free.
NJ DEP, Division of Parks and Forestry
MC 501-04, PO Box 420, Trenton, NJ 08625-0420
(800) 843-6420

­­Safety Zone Awareness: Protecting Your Hunting Privilege

New Jersey hunters enjoy many types of hunting, numerous days afield and generous bag limits. But development and other human encroachment on the forests and fields of the Garden State has changed both wildlife habitat and land suitable for hunting, such that SAFETY ZONE awareness is even more critical for hunters.

What is a SAFETY ZONE?

  • The firearm SAFETY ZONE is the area within 450 feet of a building or school playground, even if not occupied. For bowhunters, the SAFETY ZONE around buildings is 150 feet but remains 450 feet from a school playground. See Safety Zone.
  • The SAFETY ZONE is the place where you, the hunter, cannot carry a loaded firearm or nocked arrow unless you have written permission in hand.
  • The SAFETY ZONE was established by legislation in 1946 as an area to place some physical distance, a buffer, between hunters and homeowners.
  • The SAFETY ZONE could be land where there is suitable wildlife ­habitat for adaptable species, like the white-tailed deer, cottontail rabbit and Canada goose.
  • The SAFETY ZONE is not a magic shield and cannot stop a misdirected projectile from entering the area around a home.

What can you do to heighten your SAFETY ZONE awareness?

  1. Post SAFETY ZONE signs.
  2. Talk with landowners.
  3. Scout hunting property annually to be aware of new construction or other changes.
  4. Hunt SMART and remind your hunting partners to Hunt SMART.
  5. Know the law. Know the land.

Remember, failure to hunt safely and responsibly is inexcusable. Always be a responsible hunter. Always be aware of your surroundings, the target and what may lie beyond the target. The principles of good conduct learned at your hunter education course are called into practice every time you hunt.

Take special care hunting on “high visibility” property, habitat where our adaptable wildlife species—especially white-tailed deer—are ­flourishing. Here, hunter conduct will be watched closely; the image we portray can have a great impact on the tolerance for our sport. Hunting these Special Areas carries added responsibility for you, as a hunter, to ­exercise restraint and make superior judgment decisions.

Hunting Opportunities on New Jersey’s National Wildlife Refuges: 2017–18 Hunting Seasons

Hunting on national wildlife refuges is not permitted unless specifically opened as listed below. No Sunday hunting on national wildlife refuges.

Cape May NWR

24 Kimbles Beach Rd., Cape May Court House, NJ 08210 (609) 463-0994; fws.gov/northeast/capemay

  • Deer—Special Areas Hunting Season Information.
  • Migratory game birds except crow—on refuge lands north of Rt. 550 or west of Rt. 47
  • Turkey, rabbit and squirrel hunting in select areas only.

No refuge permit is required. Special hunting conditions apply. Contact refuge office for information.

Great Swamp NWR

241 Pleasant Plains Rd., Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-9615

(973) 425-0215 ext. 115; www.fws.gov/refuge/great_swamp/

  • Deer—Special Areas Hunting Season Information.

In addition to required state licenses and permits, hunters must obtain a Refuge permit for $26 ($13 for holders of a Senior, Golden Age, Access, or Golden Access pass and youths with a valid New Jersey youth hunting license).

Edwin B. Forsythe NWR

800 Great Creek Rd., Oceanville, NJ 08231-0072; (609) 652-1665; www.fws.gov/refuge/edwin_b_forsythe/

  • Deer—Special Areas Hunting Season Information.
  • Waterfowl

Information can be obtained at the refuge, at ­dispensers, at the headquarters, on the refuge website, or through the mail.

Supawna Meadows NWR

c/o Cape May NWR, 24 Kimbles Beach Rd., Cape May Court House, NJ 08210, (609) 463-0994; www.fws.gov/supawnameadows/

  • Deer—Bowhunting only. Special Areas Hunting Season Information.
  • Waterfowl

Special hunting conditions apply. Contact refuge office for information.

Wallkill River NWR

1547 County Rt. 565, Sussex, NJ 07461-4013; (973) 702-7266;

  • Deer—Special Areas Hunting Season Information.
  • Migratory Birds except crow
  • Spring and Fall Turkey (Zone 5)
  • Black bear—Segment A and Segment B
  • Small game—squirrel and rabbit only

Note: the refuge is closed to Sunday hunting.

In addition to required state licenses, hunters must purchase a Refuge hunt permit(s) at https://wallkillriver.recaccess.com (Discounts for Senior, Golden Age, Access, or Golden Access pass and youths with a valid New Jersey youth hunting license).

  • Additional hunting opportunities
    • Hunters with Disabling Conditions: A Disabled Hunter Area exists at 119 Owens Station Rd. Sussex, NJ (see refuge hunt map). Hunters must possess a valid NJ Permit to Hunt or Shoot from a Stationary Vehicle in addition to the Disabled Refuge Hunt Permit.
    • Mentored Hunts: The refuge partners with the National Wild Turkey Federation to offer mentored hunts for youth, women and disabled hunters. Registration is required and space is limited. Contact the refuge for dates and details.