Pheasant Allocation Formula: Hunter Safety

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Pheasant Allocation Formula:
Maximizing Hunter Safety and Satisfaction

By Dave Golden, Assistant Director

Pheasant and quail hunters are in for another great season in New Jersey as the Division of Fish and Wildlife is set to stock 45,000 adult pheasants and 11,000 quail as part of our Pheasant and Quail Stocking Program.

Additional pheasants will be stocked for the Youth Pheasant Hunt and at our dog training areas. Once again, Fish and Wildlife will stock pheasants for the 2017 season according to the New Jersey Pheasant Allocation Formula.

First initiated in 2016, Fish and Wildlife staff developed this formula with input from constituent stakeholders. Although it was a big change from the previous allocation method, the Pheasant Allocation Formula represents an objective approach for distributing pheasants among our wildlife management areas (WMAs) to maximize hunter safety and satisfaction.

The Pheasant Allocation Formula uses two key parameters (stocked acreage and proximity to stamp buyers) to calculate the percentage of pheasants (from the total available, statewide) that will be allocated to each wildlife management area and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Because “stocked area” and “proximity to stamp buyers” are measurable parameters, the Pheasant Allocation Formula is an objective approach for allocating birds. Additional information on the Pheasant Allocation Formula can be found on our website at: NJFishandWildlife.com.

Stocked Acreage

By using acreage of the stocked fields as the primary factor determining the allocation for each WMA, birds are distributed in an equitable fashion throughout the state, proportional to the stocked land area. More evenly allocated birds leads to a more even spread of hunters, helping us to achieve the shared goal of increasing hunter safety and hunter satisfaction on our stocked WMAs.

Pheasant and quail stamp buyers are encouraged to review our Pheasant and Quail Stocking Maps online (www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/pheasmaps.htm) to identify the fields stocked as part of Fish and Wildlife’s Pheasant and Quail Stocking Program.

Proximity to Stamp Buyers

The proximity to pheasant-stocked WMAs where stamp buyers live is also factored into the stocking formula so that hunters contributing to the Pheasant Stocking Program—through the purchase of a Pheasant & Quail Stamp—have reasonable access to the stocked birds. The percentage of pheasants allocated to each WMA was adjusted by the percentage of Pheasant & Quail Stamp buyers living within 40 miles of that stocked area. This approach puts the birds near the stamp-buying hunters.

Outlook for 2017 Pheasant & Quail Stamp Buyers

  • A total of 45,000 pheasants will be stocked in 2017
  • Pheasants will be allocated according to the Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Pheasant Allocation Formula
  • All WMAs will receive a minimum of 600 pheasants during the season
  • All WMAs will be stocked on each of the 15 stocking days
  • See 2017 Pheasant and Quail Stocking Allocation Schedule.