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New Jersey is member of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, a multi-state agreement designed to 1. enhance protection of wildlife resources in member states, 2. provide equal treatment of non-resident hunters/anglers/trappers, and 3. improve compliance with citations or summonses issued for wildlife violations.

Responsible hunters and anglers want wildlife violators removed from the population of ethical sporting enthusiasts.

Under the Compact, information about suspension of sporting license privileges for people convicted of wildlife violations in New Jersey will be shared with participating Compact states. The other Compact member states determine if the individual would also be suspended according to their own state laws.

Similarly, New Jersey will be provided with information on individuals suspended for convictions under the law of all Compact states. When reviewed, if the violation(s) would lead to suspension under New Jersey’s laws, that individual’s privileges will also be suspended in New Jersey.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If an individual has a wildlife license or privilege suspension in any Compact state, it is the individual’s responsibility to first contact the licensing authority in the state where they intend to hunt, fish, trap, harvest shellfish or otherwise take or possess wildlife to determine their eligibility before purchasing any license or engaging in those activities.

Under New Jersey law, two convictions of any violation of the fish and game laws of this or any other state within five years will result in a two-year hunting and fishing license suspension.

[Marine Violators Only: Any person whose shellfish license or harvesting privileges have been revoked or suspended in another state shall not be eligible for any New Jersey shellfish license during the period of revocation or suspension in the other state. Individuals whose wildlife privileges have been suspended for failure to appear in court or to comply with the terms of a wildlife citation may not recreationally fish for finfish or lobster.]

For more information on the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, including which states are members, consult the Fish and Wildlife’s website at

CPO Jordan Holmes/NJ Div. Fish and Wildlife

Conservation Police Officers enforce wildlife laws throughout the year. Here, CPO Adam Merritt patrols Spruce Run Reservoir. Violations, whether for fishing or for hunting, can lead to a loss of hunting license privileges.