Marine Species Identification

Saltwater Marine Fishing Regulations New Jersey Saltwater Fishing


Alewife (a river herring)

American Shad

Atlantic Herring

Blueback Herring (a river herring)

Gizzard Shad

Hickory Shad

Alewife, American Shad, Blueback Herring and Hickory Shad illustrations ©Duane Raver; Atlantic Herring illustration ©Victor Young/NH. Fish and Game Department;
Gizzard Shad illustration courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department ©2012.

Striped Bass


Bluefish (Snapper)

Black Sea Bass

Atlantic Croaker

Winter Flounder

Tautog (Blackfish)

Black Drum

Summer Flounder (Fluke)

Red Drum

Blue Crab

Hard Clam



White Perch

Northern Kingfish

Northern Searobin

Northern Puffer

Atlantic Bonito


Spanish Mackerel

Oyster Toadfish

Atlantic Mackerel

Atlantic Cod

For a complete list of shark species, visit NOAA’s Shark Identification and Federal Regulations for the Recreational Fishery of the U.S. Atlantic Coast at: https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/resource/educational-materials/shark-identification-placard.