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Director’s Message

Fishing Regulations New Jersey Freshwater Fishing

This year brings two new remarkable license opportunities for New Jersey hunters and anglers to share their experiences afield and to help pass on to friends and family their passion for New Jersey’s outdoors.

Beginning in 2016, the Division is excited to offer a Fishing Buddy License. The Buddy License provides a real financial incentive for existing anglers to recruit new anglers. Both qualifying anglers who purchase their licenses together will receive nearly half-off the cost of a regular fishing license! The process is simple. Two anglers must purchase their license at the same time at a New Jersey license agent. The special pricing is available to residents between the ages of 16 and 65 (or non-residents over age 16) who purchase an annual New Jersey Freshwater Fishing License with a buddy. Eligibility requires at least one new angler. A “new angler” is considered a resident or non-resident who has never purchased a fishing license or has not purchased an annual fishing license since 2010.

Also approved but with a later starting date is the Apprentice Hunting License. Once implemented, the new Apprentice Hunting License will provide an opportunity for seasoned sportsmen and sportswomen to share their field knowledge and love of the outdoors with a potential hunter who is at least 14 years old.

An apprentice hunter will be able to “try out” hunting while under the supervision of a mentor prior to taking the state Hunter Education course. Apprentice hunter programs have proven successful in 38 other states where, since 2006, nearly 1.5 million apprentice hunting licenses have been sold demonstrating the value and safety of mentoring newcomers in the field. The specific details for purchasing an apprentice hunting license are anticipated later this year as Division staff develop the program features.

These new license offerings make it easier than ever to keep New Jersey’s outdoor sporting traditions alive. They also offer seasoned hunters and anglers an excellent opportunity to share with others their appreciation and active enjoyment of the outdoors.

Most hunters and anglers learned to hunt and fish from a family member or friend. I hope you will take advantage of these new licenses and introduce a friend or family member to a wonderful field experience. I know that if you do, you will create special memories that last a lifetime. After all, Life’s Better Outdoors!