Fishing Regulations New Jersey Freshwater Fishing

See separate regulations for Delaware River.
For marine waters, see the
New Jersey Marine Digest. Regulations in red are new this year.

Baitfish Regulations

Baitfish Species

Baitfish species: American Eel, Banded Killifish, Creek Chub, Fallfish, Fathead Minnow, Gizzard Shad, Golden Shiner, Margined Madtom, Mummichog, and Tadpole Madtom. For Herring, Alewife and Blueback—see below.



Minimum Size

Daily Limit

Open year round

Exception: In trout stocked waters baitfish may be taken only with hook and line: from April 11 to June 15, or in waters open to fishing during the pre-season closure, from March 23 to June 15.

(fresh waters)

No minimum size

American eel:
9 inches

35 per day,
species combined

Alewife and Blueback

All freshwater streams,
rivers and marine waters


Possession, take or attempt to take herring PROHIBITED

Freshwater lakes in Morris, Passaic, Sussex, and Warren counties and Spruce Run Reservoir (Hunterdon)

6 inches maximum

Any unused herring must be returned to the water upon conclusion of the angler’s fishing trip. Herring may not be transported away from the shoreline of these lakes by any mechanism. They may not be sold.

All other freshwater lakes (regardless of ownership)


Only purchased herring, no greater than 6 inches, may be possessed. Receipt of purchase, dated within 7 days, must be in possession.

Notes: Any person with a valid fishing license (or those under 16 and residents 70 years or older) may take baitfish in fresh waters. Possession limit is one day’s limit, regardless of the intent to use these fish. Baitfish may be taken from the fresh waters of the state in numbers greater than 35 per day, in lakes over 250 acres, under a special permit issued by Fish and Wildlife at its discretion. Contact (908) 236-2118 for application information.


Gear Description


Not over 50 feet long in ponds and lakes over 100 acres; in all other waters not over
30 feet in length.Exception: In trout-stocked waters and special regulation trout areas a seine may not be more than 10 feet in length and 4 feet in depth.

Minnow Trap

Not larger than 24 inches in length with a funnel mouth no greater than 2 inches in diameter.

Umbrella Net

No greater than 3.5 feet square.

Dip Net

Not more than 24 inches in diameter; may be used only for alewife or blueback herring.

Cast Net

No greater than 8 feet in diameter; may be used only in streams that are not trout-stocked or special regulation trout areas (may not be used in lakes).

and Line

Maximum of nine single hooks or three hooks with three burrs per contrivance on all waters except the Delaware River where only three single hooks are permitted.

Turtle and Frog Regulations




Minimum Size

Daily Limit

Snapping Turtle

April 1–May 14
July 1–October 31


12 inches

1 per day

Bull Frog and
Green Frog

January 1–March 31
July 1–December 31


No minimum

15 per day,

Means of Take

Snapping turtles may only be taken in fresh waters of the state. See Fishing License Boundary Lines for established fishing license boundary lines that designate between fresh and marine waters. Any person with a valid fishing license or those entitled to fish without a license may take snapping turtles, bull frogs, and green frogs by means of spears, traps, hook and line, dip nets (not more than 24 inches in diameter), or by hand. They may NOT be sold unless taken under a Commercial Harvest Permit. Bull frogs, and green frogs may be taken in numbers greater than the daily limit under a Commercial Harvest Permit issued by Fish and Wildlife at its discretion. The commercial harvest of snapping turtles is closed to new harvesters. Existing harvesters may contact (609) 984-0530 for application information.