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The 2014 New Jersey Freshwater Fishing Guide is now available!
To view the new guide, please download the pdf. Check back in the coming days as we work to put up the new 2014 website.

Below is content from the 2013 guide.

New Jersey’s Stocking

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Raised with pride at New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Hackettstown State Fish Hatchery


  • Carnegie Lake (500)
  • Little Swartswood Lake (184)
  • Deal Lake (320)
  • Manasquan Reservoir (1,440)
  • D & R Canal (150)
  • Mercer Lake (550)
  • Echo Lake Reservoir (501)
  • Monksville Reservoir (505)
  • Furnace Lake (168)
  • Mountain Lake (267)
  • Greenwood Lake (2,645)
  • Shenandoah Lake (100)
  • Lake Hopatcong (2,640)

Northern Pike—6

  • Budd Lake (3,760)
  • Passaic River (2,764)
  • Cranberry Lake (1,790)
  • Pompton Lake (2,055)
  • Deal Lake (1,627)
  • Pompton River (2,028)
  • Farrington Lake (2,900)
  • Spruce Run Reservoir (6,700)
  • Millstone River (1,647)


  • Canistear Reservoir (10,614)
  • Lake Hopatcong (10,134)
  • Delaware River (1,854)
  • Monksville Reservoir (10,100)
  • Greenwood Lake (7,638)
  • Swartswood Lake (9,800)

Hybrid Striped Bass—4

  • Lake Hopatcong (24,993)
  • Spruce Run Reservoir (12,914)
  • Manasquan Reservoir (7,284)

Smallmouth Bass—34″

  • Lake Audrey (3,161)
  • Spruce Run Reservoir (1,900)
  • Saffins Pond (1,091)

Largemouth Bass24″

  • Cape May Zoo Pond (875)
  • Greenwood Lake (5,000)
  • Cressy Lane Pond (1,875)
  • Heritage Park Pond (875)
  • Daretown Lake (1,500)
  • Patriot Lake (875)
  • Delaware Lake (1,734)
  • Spruce Run Reservoir (1,000)
  • Elmer Lake (4,500)
  • 10 other smaller waterbodies
  • Furnace Lake (1,734)

Lake Trout9″

  • Merrill Creek Reservoir (1,300)
  • Monksville Reservoir (4,007)

Channel Catfish6

  • Seventeen waters

Channel Catfish12

  • Twenty-six waters

Channel Catfish28″


  • Thirteen waters
  • Plus thousands of black crappie, bluegill sunfish, and brown bullheads stocked in over 100 waterbodies throughout the state!

The Hackettstown Hatchery is located in the heart of Hackettstown. It encompasses over 230 acres, consisting of over 65 extensive culture ponds, and a large intensive culture building. The hatchery raises and distributes over 1,500,000 each year, representing 15 species of fish.



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