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About This Guide

State of New Jersey

Chris Christie, Governor

Kim Guadagno, Lieutenant Governor

Department of Environmental Protection

Bob Martin, Commissioner

Office of Natural and Historic Resources

Rich Boornazian, Assistant Commissioner

Division of Fish and Wildlife

David Chanda, Director
Larry Herrighty, Assistant Director
Thomas McCloy, Marine Fisheries Administrator
Russell Babb, Acting Chief, Shellfisheries
Brandon Muffley, Chief, Marine Fisheries
Mark Chicketano, Acting Chief, Law Enforcement
Lisa Barno, Chief, Freshwater Fisheries
Jim Sciascia, Chief, Information and Education
Tony Petrongolo, Chief, Land Management
David Jenkins, Chief, Endangered and Nongame Species
Cindy Kuenstner, Editor

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife is a professional, environmental organization dedicated to the protection, management and wise use of the state’s fish and wildlife resources.

The Digest is available at coastal license agents, bait and tackle shops and Fish and Wildlife offices. Information may be reprinted with permission. Subscriptions are not available.

This Digest is designed and produced by J.F. Griffin Publishing, LLC;

Partial funding for the Digest is provided by the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Program.

Cover photo: Kevin Hoffman

New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Councils

Marine Fisheries Council

Gilbert H. Ewing Jr., Chair

Scott Bailey

Erling Berg

Dr. Eleanor Ann Bochenek

Dr. Patrick Donnelly

Richard N. Herb

Walter L. Johnson, III

Frances Puskas

Sergio Radossi

Joe Rizzo

Fish and Game Council

Dave Burke, Acting Chair
Phillip Brodhecker
Dr. Barbara Brummer

Agust Gudmundsson

Jeffrey A. Link

John Messeroll

Robert Puskas

Dan VanMater

Atlantic Coast Shellfish Council

Walter L. Johnson, III, Chair

John J. Maxwell, Vice Chair

Walter Hughes

Oliver Twist, III

Delaware Bay Shellfish Council

Scott Bailey, Chair

Warren Hollinger, Vice Chair

Stephen J. Fleetwood

Richard Malinowski

Endangered and Nongame Species Advisory Committee

Dr. Barbara Brummer, Chair

Dr. James Applegate

Dr. Joanna Burger

Dr. Emile DeVito

Howard Geduldig

Dr. Rick Lathrop

Dr. Erica Miller

Dr. David Mizrahi

Jane Morton-Galetto

Dr. Dale Schweitzer

James Shissias

Waterfowl Stamp Advisory Committee

Robert VonSuskil, Chair

Bob Allen

Carl W. Blank

Dave Burke

George Howard

Mike Kantor

Jay Laubengeyer

Jim A. Shissias

Jack Stewart

Wildlife Rehabilitators Advisory Committee

Kelly Simonetti, Chair

Donald Bonica

Phillip Brodhecker

Lisa DeLambert

Harriet Forrester

Tracy Leaver

Dr. Erica Miller

Diane Nickerson

Where to Write Us

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Fish and Wildlife
MC 501-03 • P.O. Box 420 • Trenton, NJ 08625-0420 •

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife

Our Mission

To protect and manage the state’s fish and wildlife to maximize their long-term ­biological, recreational and economic value for all New Jerseyans.

Our Goals

  • To maintain New Jersey’s rich variety of fish and wildlife species at stable, healthy levels and to protect and enhance the many habitats on which they depend.
  • To educate New Jerseyans on the values and needs of our fish and wildlife and to foster a positive human/wildlife co-existence.
  • To maximize the recreational and commercial use of New Jersey’s fish and wildlife for both present and future generations.

Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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