New License System Brings Convenience!

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New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife is pleased to announce a multi-year contract with the company Aspira to create and manage a new license system platform. At press time, the new New Jersey Electronic License System is scheduled to be operational late in 2019. Check the Fish and Wildlife website for updates.

Cell phones and home computers are heavily relied upon for making daily purchases. Knowing that, New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife has responded by prioritizing your convenience in this new license system.

What does this mean for hunters? The new license system will function the same as our previous system but has many useful updates. All customer records and Conservation ID Numbers (CIDs) remaining the same.

The most significant license system change is that a license or permit can now be printed on a home printer. This popular option is successful in many other states and is especially beneficial for those whose plans change at a moment’s notice.

New Jersey firearm laws necessitate that all firearm hunting licenses (Firearm License, Apprentice Firearm License and All-Around Sportsman License) must also be printed on durable material and sent by mail. Purchasers of these licenses may print a temporary, paper license valid for 15 days from the date of purchase.

As with most Internet purchases, all New Jersey Electronic License System Internet purchases are subject to an additional transaction fee (3.9%) and a credit card processing fee (2.5%.) To avoid these minor fees, customers may go to any license agent to pay only the item’s face value.

Additional Electronic License System Improvements and New Features

  • Newly designed web interface. The website is more user-friendly.
  • Connect with any device. Regardless of how one chooses to connect (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) the same website features will display. No need to “view full site” for certain functions like hunter education course registration.
  • Internet purchases are now a print-at-home* license.
  • ALL participating license agents can sell all products. There are no limitations for license agent sales. Items like the Buddy Fishing License and crabbing or shellfish licenses are available from every agent.
  • Apprentice and Buddy Fishing licenses are also available via the Internet sales site. Buddy Fishing Licenses will become available for the 2020 license year sales.
  • Gift Vouchers. Beginning with 2020 license year sales, guests may purchase gift vouchers for friends and relatives.
  • Email option for license copies. Beginning in 2020, customers purchasing items at a license agent will be able to receive PDF copies via email except for Firearm or All-Around licenses.
  • Duplicates are available everywhere, regardless of where the original purchase was made.
    • Internet/mobile customers may also request a durable license for an additional fee.
    • Firearm and All-Around Sportsman licenses, printed on durable material, will be mailed automatically, but a home-printed temporary paper license is available for immediate use.
  • Multiple customers may be added to one transaction, provided that each customer has already completed a Child Support Certification.
    • A person can make purchases for all family members in a single transaction.
    • Buddy Fishing licenses may be purchased online or at license agents.
    • A mentor may purchase licenses and permits for their apprentice hunter.
  • New Electronic Harvest Reporting will replace former methods of reporting harvests. Turkey, coyote, fox, beaver and otter harvest reporting will be phased in during 2020.
  • Hunters now have access to their own harvest report records. Hunters may print up to three years of harvest reports.

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife staff is working diligently to ensure a smooth transition to the new license system. We ask for your understanding and patience if minor bumps occur along the way.

* The print-at-home license must be treated with the same respect as a license printed on durable material. ALL licenses still must be displayed, regardless of the print material. Anyone caught falsifying information on a license or permit will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.