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License Information & Fees 2014-15

Licenses are valid from date of purchase to Dec. 31 of each year. For license sales by phone or Internet, call (888) 773-8450 or go to See also Permit & License Agents for license agent listings.

Firearm Licenses

Resident Firearm Hunting (16–64 years) $27.50

Senior Resident Firearm Hunting (65 years & older) $15.50

Non-Resident Firearm Hunting $135.50

Non-Resident Two-Day Small Game Firearm Hunting $36.50

Special One-Day Hunting $12.50

(On commercial preserves only.)

Youth Firearm (ages 10–15, see License Information) FREE

Bow and Arrow Licenses

Resident Bow & Arrow Hunting (16–64 years) $31.50

Senior Resident Bow & Arrow Hunting (65 years & older) $16.50

Non-Resident Bow & Arrow Hunting $135.50

Youth Bow (ages 10–15, see License Information) FREE

Trapping Licenses

Resident Trapping $32.50

Non-Resident Trapping $200.50

Youth Trapping (ages 12–15, see License Information) FREE


Deer Permits for Bow, Shotgun, Muzzleloader or Bucks $28

Youth Deer and Turkey Permit (ages 10–15) $12

Turkey Season Permit $21

Black Bear Permit $2

Rifle Permit (Valid from July 1–June 30, 16 years old and older) $10.50

Rifle Permit, Youth (Valid from July 1–June 30, under 16 only) $6

Beaver Trapping Permit $17

Otter Trapping Permit $2


Pheasant & Quail Stamp $40

Resident Waterfowl Stamp $5

Non-Resident Waterfowl Stamp $10

Miscellaneous Licenses

All-Around Sportsman $72.25

(Includes Resident Firearm Hunting, Bow and Arrow Hunting and Fishing Licenses)

Duplicate License, Permit or Stamp $2

New licenses become available on Dec. 15 annually. See additional license information.

Do NOT heat laminate a durable license or permit. High temperature will destroy these waterproof, heat-sensitive documents.

Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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