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Highlights of Regulation Changes

Changes to Regulations

Changes to hunting and trapping regulations for the 2013–2014 seasons are extensive and involve these plus other amendments: a reorganization of the deer hunting regulation sets which define season dates and bag limits; an expansion of weaponry and ammunition available for coyote hunting; the ability to take a coyote incidental to spring turkey hunting; the addition of air guns for the taking of squirrel, rabbit and hare. See below more information.

  • Air guns are now legal for the taking of rabbit, hare and squirrel. See General Hunting Regulations for caliber and muzzle velocity requirements. See Small Game Hunting.
  • Hungarian partridge is now legal for harvest if encountered on properties adjacent to semi-wild and commercial shooting preserves where these birds are stocked. See Small Game Hunting.
  • Youth hunters may now hunt quail on Youth Upland Bird Hunt Day on the Peaslee and Greenwood Wildlife Management Areas. See Take a Kid Hunting.
  • Opening day of ruffed grouse season in the northern zone is changed to coincide with the opening day of the north zone woodcock season. See Small Game Hunting.
  • Hunting hours during the last two weeks of the spring turkey season are changed from half-day to full-day. This change includes only Hunting Period D and the last Saturday of Hunting Period E. See Small Game Hunting and Spring Turkey Season Changes.
  • Fall turkey permit quotas are adjusted for Turkey Hunting Areas 21 and 22. See Fall 2013 Turkey Hunting Regulations.
  • The Conservation ID Number (known as the CID#) is added to the list of identification methods trappers may use to label their trap sets. See Trapping Regulations.
  • The maximum diameter of the cable or wire on snares of the body-gripping type is expanded up to 3/16-inch. See Trapping Regulations.
  • The 8 a.m. starting time is rescinded for waterfowl hunting on opening day of pheasant season except on wildlife management areas stocked with pheasant and quail as listed in the Pheasant and Quail Stamp Areas on Small Game Hunting where the 8 a.m. start time remains in effect.
  • Hunters may harvest coyotes incidental to spring turkey hunting. See Coyote and Fox, Small Game Hunting.
  • The options of firearms and ammunition for legal coyote and fox hunting is expanded. See Coyote/Fox Season chart, Small Game Hunting.

Deer Regulation Changes

  • Zone 40 (Earle Naval Weapons Station) is incorporated into Zone 39. See Special Areas Information.
  • Regulation Sets are reorganized (See Regulation Sets):
    • Sets are renumbered to eliminate sets with no assigned zones.
    • Set 0 reduces the permit bow season by one week, reduces the permit muzzleloader season by one week and reduces the bag limit from two deer to one deer of either sex.
    • Set 1 adds two days to the permit shotgun season.
    • Set 2 adds two days to the permit shotgun season and reduces the permit muzzleloader season by one week.
    • Set 8 adds four antlerless-only days to the permit shotgun and permit muzzleloader seasons.
    • Zones are reassigned to new regulation sets.
  • The statewide two-deer bag limit for fall and winter bow seasons is removed. See Deer Hunting Regulations/Bag Limits.
  • The requirement to display a deer hunting permit is removed with the exception of farmers hunting on their own property. See Licenses, Permits and Stamps plus Farmer Hunting and Permit Information.
  • Zone 37 (Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst) restructures its permit muzzleloader season. See Special Areas.
  • Zone 61 (Atlantic County Parks System) shortens its permit bow season, adds a winter bow season and includes its permit shotgun and permit muzzleloader season in two-deer-at-a-time harvest regulations. See Special Areas.
  • The boundary between zones 25 and 26 is changed to move approximately 18 square miles of Zone 25 into Zone 26. See Boundary Descriptions.
  • The permit bow season is extended one day in zones within Sets 1, 2, 3 and 4; this season will now close on Sunday instead of Saturday. See Regulations Sets.
  • The wildlife management areas prohibition of firearm hunting on the day prior to opening day of the regular small game season for pheasants and quail is removed. See Wildlife Management Area Regulations.

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