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License Information

Deer Permits are valid for the 2012–2013 hunting season. New Jersey sporting licenses are valid for the calendar year. See permit and license fees.

The format of the 2012 hunting licenses is changed to accommodate the introduction of Fish and Wildlife’s new mandatory Automated Harvest Report System.

All persons hunting or trapping must be properly licensed. It is unlawful for any person age 10 or older to hunt without a hunting license. (See Farmer License Exemption, this page.) It is unlawful for any person age 12 or older to trap without a trapping license. See license and permit fees. See youth license information below. All hunters and trappers must openly display their license and any applicable deer, turkey or bear permit in the middle of the back on their outer clothing and must show their license to any law enforcement officer or any person requesting to see it.

Licenses, permits and stamps may be purchased using Fish and Wildlife’s Internet sales site (, from approved license agents, or by calling (888) 773-8450.

Do NOT heat laminate the durable license or permit. High temperature will destroy these waterproof, heat-sensitive documents.

Child Support Certifications

The “Child Support Program Improvement Act” requires Fish and Wildlife to collect and maintain Social Security numbers and a child support obligation certification from license applicants and to make the collection of this information part of the license application. To comply, Fish and Wildlife, working with the Division of Law in the Office of the Attorney General, created the Supplemental License Application available on the Fish and Wildlife website at or at license agents.

The online child support application allows an individual to be certified from the privacy of their home. Once completed—either over the Internet or at a license agent—the certification remains valid for the calendar year in which the certification was completed.

Farmer License Exemption

A farmer and members of the immediate family (see definition under Farmer Regulations) who also reside on the farm may hunt, trap and fish on the farm without being licensed or possessing a valid rifle permit. For details, see Farmer Hunting and Permit Information.

All farmers must have a Conservation Identification number (CID). Apply online now for a free CID at No purchase is required. All hunters must now have a CID to utilize the mandatory Automated Harvest Report System for all deer seasons.

Hunter and Trapper Education Requirements

New Jersey requires that everyone, age 10 and above, applying to hunt with a shotgun, rifle or bow must show a previous resident license­ of the appropriate type from this or any state, or a course completion card from the appropriate hunter education course. See also Youth Licenses below.

The New Jersey Hunter Education Program is offered as a home study, video-based course. Students may obtain course materials at most license agents and Fish and Wildlife field offices or download from our website. After completing an extensive homework assignment, the student will choose from a list of testing facilities and dates to complete their hunter education course. For more Hunter Education Program details, including course material availability, facility locations, dates and course registration, go to Fish and Wildlife’s website at or call (877) 2HUNTNJ.

Trapper education courses are offered four times throughout the state in the months of September and October. To enroll in a trapper education course, go to the Fish and Wildlife website or call (877) 2HUNTNJ to register.

Lost Licenses

A license, permit or stamp can be replaced at any license agent, at Fish and Wildlife’s Internet license sales site,, or by calling (888) 773-8450. Licenses and permits which contain Harvest Report stubs can be duplicated at license agents or on the Internet sales site only twice. All subsequent duplicates of these license and permit types must be handled in person at Fish and Wildlife regional offices or the Pequest Natural Resource Education Center. The Trenton office is no longer open to the public for license and permit sales. A $2 fee is charged for each duplicate license/permit.

National Guard Licenses

Eligible National Guard personnel are entitled to free licenses, permits and stamps. Further information can be obtained by visiting or writing to: NJ Department of Military and Veteran Affairs, 101 Eggerts Crossing Rd., Lawrenceville, NJ 08648, Attn: 1st Sgt. Turrian, or call (609) 530-6866.

Non-resident Licenses

Non-residents must show either a resident license from their state or proof of successfully completing an appropriate hunter education course in order to obtain a license to hunt or trap in New Jersey. Non-immigrant aliens who temporarily import firearms to the United States must first obtain an application for the permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). For importation of firearms, use both forms ATF F 5330.3A and .3B. The approval may take up to 12 weeks. Contact ATF’s Explosives Imports Branch at (202) 927-8320 or download a form from their website at

Active Duty Military Licenses

Any person on active duty in the armed services, regardless of their current residency, may buy a New Jersey resident hunting license. Present a previous resident license (from this or any other state) of the appropriate type or show proof to the license agent of successful completion of the appropriate hunter education course along with proof of your current active duty status in the armed services.

One-day License

A one-day license may be issued for hunting on a licensed commercial shooting preserve. This license may be obtained at the shooting preserve and is valid only on the day issued for the species covered by the preserve’s license. Hunter education requirements still apply.

Resident Licenses

A resident license may be purchased if one has resided in the state for at least six months immediately prior to application.

Revocation of Licenses

Anyone convicted of a second fish and game violation within a period of five years will have their New Jersey hunting and fishing privileges revoked for two years. Certain violations carry greater periods of revocation, ranging from three years to lifetime revocation. Two convictions of any wildlife management area regulation will result in a five-year revocation of all sporting privileges. Two convictions of the following will result in lifetime revocation: safety zone violation, causing damage to real or personal property and negligent use of a firearm or bow. Fish and Wildlife may revoke any permit or other authorization issued for violation or due cause.

Youth Licenses, Resident and Non-Resident

A Youth Firearm or Youth Bow and Arrow License is valid from 10 years of age (or the time of issuance) until the end of the year when the youth turns 16. Note that properly licensed youth hunters age 10–13 may hunt only when under the direct supervision of a properly licensed adult hunter age 21 or older. See also Youth Hunting. Youth licenses are issued free to youths ages 10–15 upon completion of a hunter or trapper education course; see above for course information. Youth hunters who pre-registered for­and successfully completea hunter education course will receive their youth hunting license at the course. A Youth Firearm or Youth Bow and Arrow License is valid from the time of issuance until end of the year when the youth turns 16. See Take a Kid Hunting.

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