New for 2018-19

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Starting with the 2018/2019 registration year, annual and 14-month wheeled vehicle registrations will be broken out into club member vs. non-club member rates. In order to receive the discounted member rate, the registrant must present proof of membership at the time of registration. The membership must be in a N.H. wheeled vehicle club that is also a member club of the New Hampshire Off Highway Vehicle Association (NHOHVA).

If proof of membership is not provided, the non-member rate is an additional $30, which is transferred to the N.H. Bureau of Trails Grant-in-Aid Program, which in turn distributes monies to OHRV clubs to support local projects.

This change was proposed by New Hampshire’s OHRV community. For information regarding OHRV club membership, contact NHOHVA at (413) 200-8061, nhohva.org.

Note: Requirements for proof of membership are subject to change, legislation pending.