Director’s Message

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Come Explore New Hampshire’s Trails!

New Hampshire welcomes snowmobile and Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle riders to responsibly enjoy our extensive trail systems. More than 7,000 miles of snowmobile trails and 1,300 miles of OHRV trails crisscross our beautiful state, offering scenic vistas of mountains, lakes and charming New England villages. Whether you are touring by snowmobile or hitting the trail on your ATV, UTV or trail bike, you can look forward to good times with friends and family in New Hampshire’s great outdoors.

Recent years have seen a significant increase in riding opportunities in New Hampshire’s North Country for ATVs and UTVs on the Ride the Wilds system, featuring several hundred miles of interconnected trail systems and authorized roadways that run through New Hampshire’s Great North Woods. Enjoy this resource, but please use great caution when riding on approved roadways. Riders must stay on designated trails and respect the rights of landowners who generously allow trails on their property.

While the rapid development of trail systems and opportunities for riding in New Hampshire is good news for riders, it does present the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department with several law enforcement and land management challenges. Conservation Officers and biologists are working with land managers, state, county and local agencies to address the rapid expansion of approved state and local roadways for OHRVs. Our ability to provide adequate services to our core hunting, fishing and outdoor constituents, all while managing a rapidly expanding OHRV industry, is a difficult task given existing staff and funding levels.

The vast majority of riders follow the rules and practice safe responsible riding, but illegal off-trail riding, modified exhaust systems and failure to obey speed limits damage the reputation of all trail riders and threaten the essential partnership with landowners that makes the sport possible.

I encourage you to become active in your sport and join a local snowmobile or OHRV club. The success of New Hampshire’s trail systems rests on our partnerships with state and local clubs and with landowners. Don’t forget — more than 80% of the state’s trails are on private lands, so please stay on the trails, wear protective gear, and ride responsibly.


Glenn Normandeau

Executive Director

NH Fish and Game Department