New for 2018–19

Hunting Regulations Icon New Hampshire Hunting

  • Crossbows will become a legal method of take beginning in 2018 for moose, for participants in the Youth Weekend for deer and fall shotgun season for turkey. Beginning in 2019 they will also be legal during the Youth Weekend for turkey and spring turkey season. Check information on specific seasons and species for additional information.
  • Beginning the spring of 2019, the spring turkey season will run from May 1 – May 31 and turkey hunters may take 1 bearded or male turkey in the spring season and 1 turkey of either sex in the fall, OR may take 2 bearded or male turkeys in the spring; however the second bird must be taken in WMUs H1, H2, J2, K, L, or M. See Turkey Hunting for additional information.
  • The statewide season bag limit for fisher has been reduced from 5 to 2. See Furbearer Hunting & Furbearer Trapping for additional information.