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Registration Information

Registrations Required

All snowmobiles and OHRVs must be registered if operated off of the owner’s property. A registration is a privilege to ride off your own property on approved trails or with written landowner permission. A registration is also required to operate on frozen lakes and ponds.

Conventional motor vehicles (cars and trucks) that are legally registered as a motor vehicle do not need an OHRV registration. Motorcycles which are registered for highway use must have an OHRV registration to operate off road.

Note: No registration is required for youth model ATVs, trail bikes or snowmobiles if the operator is less than 12 years of age and the youth is accompanied by a properly licensed adult. To qualify, youth snowmobiles must be 125cc or less; youth ATVs and youth 2-wheel trail bikes, 95cc or less.

Registering an
OHRV or Snowmobile

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is the state agency responsible for the registration of off-highway recreational vehicles and snowmobiles. New Hampshire does not title off-highway recreational vehicles or snowmobiles, nor does it maintain any records of title or liens on these types of vehicles. No title, bill of sale or previous registration is required to register an off-highway recreational vehicle or snowmobile. It is the responsibility of the registrant to ensure the machine information is correct.

Individuals may register in person at any one of the registration agents located throughout the state (listed at; or at Fish and Game headquarters in Concord in person or through the mail by downloading a print-and-mail application from the Fish and Game website at

Registrations are issued electronically to the individual. A registration consists of a printed white certificate and 2 decals. The registration certificate must be carried by the operator and the decals must be properly affixed to the OHRV or snowmobile.

2016/2017 Annual OHRV/Snowmobile Registrations and 14-Month OHRV Registrations are valid from the date of issue through June 30, 2017, and are not prorated. New 14-month registrations are available at OHRV Registration Agents in May. New annual registrations are available at OHRV Registration Agents in late June.

When Registering an OHRV or Snowmobile, the Registrant:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age, present a valid driver’s license or non-driver photo ID, and apply in person.
  2. Must present a valid N.H. driver’s license or N.H. non-driver photo ID to qualify for resident rates.
  3. Must provide the following vehicle information: year of manufacture, make, model, displacement, primary and secondary colors, and VIN. OHRVs are not titled in N.H. — no title, bill of sale or previous registration is required.
  4. Will receive a registration certificate and 2 decals.
  5. Is responsible for verifying that their registration and machine information is correct before leaving the registration agent.
  6. Must affix the decals as noted on Registration Fees.

Nonresident Temporary 10-Day OHRV Registrations

Available only at select agents. A temporary 10-day registration is only available during the months of May to October 2016 to nonresidents registering a wheeled vehicle. The registration is valid for 10 consecutive days from the start date and time specified on the registration and cannot be replaced or transferred. Presentation of a valid out-of-state driver’s license is required. Registrants must be 18 years of age or older.

Tracked OHRVs

In order to operate on state-approved snowmobile trails, an OHRV (wheeled vehicle) that has had the wheels or tires removed and replaced with tracks, cleats or skis, MUST be properly registered in New Hampshire as a snowmobile.

The tracked OHRV must meet the definition of a snowmobile as defined by law. The OHRV, with the tracks on, cannot exceed 54 inches in width and 1,200 pounds.

A snowmobile registration is only required to operate on snowmobile trails. If only operating on frozen lakes, etc., with tracks or as a wheeled vehicle, just a New Hampshire OHRV registration is required.

Machines operated as a tracked OHRV on snowmobile trails in the winter, and as a wheeled OHRV must be dually registered in New Hampshire; both an OHRV and snowmobile registration are required. Both sets of decal stickers must be displayed on the machine.

Replacement of
Lost/Destroyed Registration Certificate

Registrants who have lost or destroyed their current season’s registration certificate may request a duplicate from Fish and Game in writing on a form provided by the Department (available at or call 603-271-4300). The fee for a duplicate registration certificate is $5.

Where Your Registration Fees Go

Fish and Game is responsible for the administration of the Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle and snowmobile registration program, safety education and law enforcement. Fish and Game collects the fees from the issuance of OHRV and snowmobile registrations. However, only a portion of the revenue is retained by Fish and Game. The N.H. Bureau of Trails (DRED) receives a majority of the funds. Approximately 82% of snowmobile registration monies and 59% of wheeled vehicle registration monies collected go to the Bureau, which in turn distributes grants to local clubs for trail maintenance, equipment and operations. The monies retained by Fish and Game are dedicated funds used for OHRV and snowmobile Law Enforcement, safety education and the registration program.

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