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Unlawful Activities

It Is Unlawful To:

  • negligently shoot, wound or kill a human being while hunting, or abandon a wounded or killed human being;
  • negligently discharge a firearm or cause death, injury or damage to domestic animals or property while hunting;
  • shoot a domestic dog in pursuit of wildlife;
  • possess a firearm with ammunition, bow and arrow, or crossbow and bolt while attempting to locate or illuminate wild animals at night at any time of the year;
  • illuminate wild animals from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31. Moose, however, may be illuminated between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. from Sept. 1 through the second Monday of October in Coos County on Class I, II and III state highways, and, with city or town permission, on Class IV, V and VI town roads;
  • take wildlife by the use of a spring gun or set gun;
  • hunt from inside of, or upon, any type of motorized vehicle, including aircraft, motor vehicle, snowmobile or OHRV;
  • hunt from a boat or canoe before all movement from mechanical power has stopped;
  • carry a loaded firearm with ammunition in the chamber, clip or magazine, or cocked crossbow, while the firearm or crossbow is in or on (includes leaning on or contact with) any type of motorized vehicle, moving or stationary; a muzzleloader is considered unloaded if the ignition source (i.e.: primer cap or flint or primer powder) is removed from the firearm;
  • enter posted land without permission of the owner or fail to leave when requested;
  • willfully tear down, obstruct or leave open any fence, gate or bar belonging to, or enclosing land of, another person, or remove or deface any posted sign or property;
  • hunt with a fully automatic firearm. It is also illegal to hunt with a semi-automatic rifle with a clip or magazine holding more than five cartridges (except rimfire rifles and pistols);
  • use full-jacketed metal case bullets;
  • use telemetry equipment from ½ hour before sunrise through ½ hour after sunset to locate trail or tree hounds while in a motorized vehicle or within 300 feet (as measured from the center of the traveled portion) of any public highway or any private road open to public use;
  • buy, sell or offer for sale a deer, bear, moose or any part thereof, other than the head, hide or feet;
  • possess a deer, bear, moose or turkey that hasn’t been properly tagged;
  • possess a detached deer, bear, moose or turkey tag. Upon killing a deer, bear, moose or turkey, the tag shall be immediately filled out and attached;
  • assist another in taking a deer or bear after you have taken one, unless you possess a valid unused tag or are accompanying a minor;
  • tag, steal, take or carry away any game belonging to another person.

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