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New for 2012

New Hampshire now has an Apprentice Hunting License! This license provides a one-time, one-year exemption from the hunter and/or bowhunter education requirements for a hunter who is accompanied by a properly licensed adult 18 years of age or older while hunting. For more information, see Apprentice Hunting License.

New WMU boundaries for deer. In an effort to better manage deer populations in WMUs D2 and G, those units have been split into WMUs D2-east, D2-west, G1 and G2. Those areas closer to the Connecticut River with higher deer populations will be allowed additional either sex hunting days, while the more eastern/mountainous portions will have more conservative seasons to help recover deer populations there.

Disabled crossbow permit holders are now restricted to using only a crossbow. They can no longer use a recurve, longbow or compound bow.

Persons wanting to take bear with dogs need a Permit to Use Dogs to Take Bear. Permit applications can be obtained from Conservation Officers, online at or from any Fish and Game office. Starting in 2012, applications can be filled out and mailed to Fish and Game in Concord, provided they are postmarked prior to taking a bear.

New York is no longer on the list of CWD-positive states for the purposes of bringing hunter-killed deer carcasses back to New Hampshire.

A new “Lynx Protection Zone” has been established in the northern part of the state to protect this federally threatened species. Several new restrictions on how traps may be set are now in place. See Furbearer Trapping for more details.

Persons taking approved reptiles and amphibians for food are now restricted to taking no more than 2 reptiles or 5 amphibians per day, with a possession limit on harvested animals not to exceed 2 times the daily bag limit.

Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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