Accessible (ADA) Fishing in Nevada

Fishing Regulations Nevada Freshwater Fishing

This section contains information on accessible fishing sites in wildlife management areas, lakes, ponds, streams, etc. that have Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps or entrances for people to fish and clean fish from.

Eastern Nevada

Cave Lake – ADA pier and disabled parking.

Eagle Valley Reservoir – Accessible fishing pier and boat ramp.

Southern Nevada

Lake Mohave – On the Nevada side of Lake Mohave, Cottonwood Cove has ADA accessible boat docks, fish cleaning stations, restrooms, marina, and restaurant. On the Arizona side of Lake Mohave, both Willow Beach and Katherine’s Landing have the same amenities as Cottonwood Cove and ADA accessible fishing piers.

Lake Mead – Access varies with lake level. Contact National Park Service at 702-293-8990.

Veterans Park Fishing Pond – Accessible fishing around the pond via a paved path.

Sunset Park Pond – Accessible fishing around the pond via a paved path.

Lorenzi Park Pond – Accessible fishing around the pond via a paved path.

Floyd Lamb Park Ponds – Paved and hard dirt paths around ponds provide access.

Western Nevada

Sparks Marina – One fishing pier at the southwest end of the lake.

Paradise Pond – Two concrete fishing platforms on the east side of the north pond.

Virginia Lake – One fishing pier on the east side.

Marilyn’s Pond – One fishing pier.

Verdi Pond at Crystal Peak Park – Three accessible ramps and piers.

Mitch Park Pond (Gardnerville, NV) –
One concrete fishing platform.

Baily Fishing Pond – One fishing pier.

Mason Valley WMA: One ADA accessible boat ramp at North Pond. The front dike at Hinkson Slough, Bass Pond and North Pond can be accessed quite easily by the ADA. There are four ADA accessible bathrooms: one at Hinkson Slough, one at the Sandridge Campground, one at the Shoveler Parking Area and one by the boat ramp and campground for North Pond.

Humboldt WMA: One ADA bathroom at the campground.

Laughlin Area

Special Camping, Fishing Access Regulations Apply:

The following activities are prohibited within the Laughlin boating and fishermen’s access area in Clark County:

  • Camping in any type of motor vehicle or recreational vehicle;
  • Erecting a tent or structure for the purpose of sleeping or living in it;
  • Parking any type of motor vehicle or recreational vehicle or otherwise blocking or restricting the access of a person or vessel, to the boat ramp;
  • Parking a bus hired to carry passengers or a semi-trailer anywhere within the access area;
  • Parking a motor vehicle in the access area in a location other than a designated parking space; or
  • Being under the influence of a controlled substance or an intoxicating liquor, or consuming an intoxicating liquor.