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Welcome to the 2020 Nevada Fishing Guide. There are many exciting things to share related to Nevada fishing. After several average to above average precipitation years, fishing conditions have improved dramatically since the height of the drought just a few short years ago. Water volume, water quality, and water temperatures are all improved as a result. Therefore, fish numbers, fish size, and fish health also benefit. One of the greatest benefits from successive good precipitation years is the carryover in fish from one year to the next. Better water conditions help river and stream fish survive the low flow and high temperature periods of late summer and early fall, so their overwinter survival is almost guaranteed and their size the subsequent season is increased. Our 2020 Fishing Guide has a number of incredibly valuable tools specifically added to help you as an angler realize the benefits of improved fishing conditions around the silver state.

The first tool is an article about small ponds and big fish. This article focuses on Nevada’s urban pond program. Urban ponds are located around the state within or near urban areas. This article highlights the special opportunities these places provide for anglers to enjoy a fishing excursion closer to home. Whether it’s a beginning angler or a seasoned veteran, our urban ponds offer something for everyone when a longer trip may not be practical.

Another very useful item found in this 2020 Fishing Guide is the article on the art of fishing small streams. This truly is an art and this article is a great resource on some of the tips, tricks, and waters for you to enjoy. As previously mentioned, the successful carryover of fish in these small streams that has resulted from favorable precipitation the last few years, has created some pretty impressive size classes that just might surprise small stream anglers. The added carryover has also been shown to increase fish densities and catch rates.

Tables outlining fish stocking reports by region are also included in this 2020 Fishing Guide. Each table includes the region (Eastern, Western, Southern), body of water, species stocked, and month of stocking. This can be especially helpful for the previously mentioned urban fisheries, which are often stocked more frequently than other waters.

Lastly, there are very useful maps of the state’s “Fishable Waters” in this guide. These are not only depicted on color maps, but also have accompanying tables that list the approximate location by county and township and range, along with species present in each water.

Of course, fishing regulations, as always, are included in simplified detail and although we’ve incurred some minimal increases in production costs we’ve significantly reduced the volume of ads. Suffice to say, this is arguably one of the best Nevada Fishing Guides we’ve ever assembled. We hope you think so too and find it useful in helping you to explore the many angling opportunities in and around our great state.

So Get Online, Get Outside and Enjoy!!

Tony Wasley

Director, Nevada Department of Wildlife

NDOW Director Tony Wasley with a Brook Trout he caught near Galena Creek.