Mountain Lion

Hunting Regulations Icon Nevada Hunting

Resident and NonResident Mountain Lion Hunts Either Sex

Any Legal Weapon

Unit Group

Harvest Limit

Statewide except units 033, 091, 269, 280, 281, 282, 283, 284, 286. 245
Unit 091* 2
• Hunting hours are any time day or night.

• A hunter, or their licensed guide or subguide if applicable, must call the
mountain lion hotline at 1-800-800-1667 prior to hunting to determine if a unit group is open or closed.

* Unit 091 is an Interstate hunt with Utah. Nevada and Utah hunters may hunt within open units in both states (Nevada Unit 091, Utah Unit 1C). Nevada hunters hunting in Utah must abide by Utah regulations and season dates on the Utah portion of the hunt area.