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As you are reading this 2018 application guide, you are probably already aware of several exciting changes that we’ve made that will positively affect your hunting experience in Nevada!

It starts with your hunting license (and you can find more details in this publication)! After more than two years of planning, talking with sportsmen, field testing ideas, analyzing data, collaborating with vendors, and working with the legislature, we now have our new simplified license structure. Your new license includes all stamp privileges that you used to purchase separately. With the new license, should you find yourself tempted to harvest a chukar during your deer hunt, you don’t have to worry about purchasing an upland game stamp – it’s included! Anglers no longer need to debate the merits of buying a trout stamp with license vendors, because it is now included with a fishing license! A combination license includes everything you need to hunt or fish in the state, including a second rod stamp, Colorado River permits, and other privileges. You don’t have to wonder, you can just go. In addition, your license is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. The only thing we could not include was a federal duck stamp.

You may be wondering about the finances. Although we have eliminated the need to purchase the stamp privileges, we have not eliminated the dedicated funding those stamps provided. A portion of each license purchased is still directed to those important funds that support wildlife habitat work, targeted fishery projects and products, waterfowl and wetlands projects, and all the other important work that was being done. In fact, the entire effort was designed to improve and ease the experience for the hunter and angler, but we calculated our prices so that the revenue to the Department would remain unchanged. We don’t expect to lose revenue, but we also did not increase fees. Maintaining a revenue neutral price was critical to the simplification effort, and the average hunter and angler will see little change to the total fees paid. In fact, many youth and specialty licenses are now cheaper than before! Nevada’s fees have remained constant longer than other western states.

We have also adopted changes to our online application procedure to make your application easier. The entire process is designed to make your choices easier. You can pick your species, pick your hunt area, pick your seasons and apply! You can share your group application with your hunting partners, and they can apply with you and pay for their tag and application fees themselves. You can now choose to be reminded when your license is about to expire and have your privileges automatically renewed. The new process provides many advantages, and we have provided you with an online link to a tutorial that will walk you through them! After you use this new system, I believe you will agree that this is a remarkable improvement! While cost was not a primary consideration in this redevelopment, you will be pleased to know that the new system came at a substantial price savings as well.

It is critical that we continue to provide our customers with improved service. These improvements routinely come from ideas that you share with us. Take the time to give us a call, send us an email, attend a County Advisory Board or Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners meeting, or participate with the wildlife conservation organization of your choice. Get involved and share your experiences with your friends and family. I look forward to my outdoor experiences during the upcoming year and perhaps we may cross paths in Nevada’s great outdoors!

What are you waiting for? Get Online and Get Outside!

Tony Wasley

Director, Nevada Department of Wildlife