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Elk Hunt Eligibility & Application Information

Hunting Regulations Icon Nevada Hunting

Applying for elk

Applicants can apply for both antlered and antlerless elk in the same draw period. Additionally, if a person is interested they can apply for multiple antlerless elk hunts in the same draw but only draw one antlerless elk tag.

Spike Bull

Starting in 2017 an applicant will be able to apply for both antlered elk and spike elk. However, they will only be able to draw one of the tags. Be advised that once a tag is drawn the other application becomes unsuccessful. There is the possibility an applicant could draw the spike tag before the antlered elk.

Antlerless Elk Management tags

The Department has antlerless elk management hunts in combination with antlered deer (buck) applications. Further information is listed below.

New this year: antlerless elk management tags will be available to nonresidents and with the resident junior deer hunt.

Deer and Antlerless Elk Management Tag Combination Applications


This antlerless elk management tag opportunity is intended to increase antlerless elk harvest without adding additional hunters and hunter congestion during existing mule deer hunt seasons. This antlerless elk tag is considered a “management” antlerless elk tag without any associated bonus points.


  • Resident and nonresident mule deer applicant (for Hunts 1341, 1371, 1331, 1107) would select the option on their application indicating they would want to draw an antlerless elk management tag if they were to draw a deer tag.
  • The option to participate in the antlerless elk management tag program will only be available online.
  • The season for the antlerless elk management tags issued in this method would be the same season dates as the deer tag.
  • The antlerless elk management tag may be a select set of hunt units within the mule deer unit group depending on where the Department identifies the need for antlerless elk harvest (i.e., antlerless elk tag may only be good for Unit 061 or 062 within deer unit group 061 – 068).
  • NDOW will recommend a quota for these antlerless elk management tags at the May Commission meeting.
  • The drawing of an antlerless elk management tag will occur in the order of the lowest draw number of its associated deer application.
  • Management hunt tags will not earn bonus points.
  • Nonrefundable application fees will be charged for the antlerless elk management application selection.
  • If a client is successful in drawing both the deer and the antlerless elk management tag, the client will be charged for the deer tag (Resident $30, nonresident $240) and the antlerless elk management tag (Resident $120, Nonresident $500)
  • Return card questionnaire would be required on antlerless elk management tags.

Elk Eligibility Information Q&A

Q: Can I put in for both a bull tag and an antlerless elk tag in 2017?

A: Yes, Applicants will be able to put in for both a bull tag and an antlerless elk tag in the same draw. As a result they could possibly draw both tags and those tags could be in different unit groups. We advise applicants to be aware of that possibility and make their choices wisely with this in mind.

Q: How many elk tags could I obtain in the draw?

A: Only one antlerless elk tag and one bull elk tag or spike elk tag.

Q: What are these combination hunts?

A: The Commission approved the ability for the Department to allow applicants to apply for more than one elk hunt in the same draw to address some herd management issues in parts of the state. One option approved was allowing applicants to select an option to obtain an antlerless elk management tag in addition to an antlered deer tag in the same unit and season. The antlerless elk management tags will have the same season as the “base” hunt (the antlered deer). The unit groups for these management tags may be all of the same units as the base hunt or a selection of the same units to target the harvest of the management tag.

Q: Can I apply for the antlered elk and the spike elk hunt in the same draw?

A:. Yes, However, you can only obtain one tag. So if the spike elk application is drawn first the antlered elk application will become unsuccessful. We advise applying for bonus points for one or the other as an option.

Q: I put in for bull elk. Can I apply for the spike elk hunt and the antlered elk depredation hunt in the same draw?

A: After putting in for the bull elk you will only be eligible to apply for the spike elk. You can only apply for one type of hunt for antlered (bull) elk.

Q: I am in a waiting period for antlered elk, can I apply for the spike bull hunt?

A: Yes.

Q: I am eligible for bull elk. Can I apply for the antlered elk hunt, the combination antlered deer and antlerless elk management tag, a regular antlerless elk any legal weapon hunt, and the antlerless elk depredation hunt?

A: Yes. However you will be paying the nonrefundable application fees for each application you submit. You will only be able to draw one antlerless elk tag. You could have a low draw number for the antlerless elk depredation hunt, draw that tag and all other antlerless elk applications will be unsuccessful. Your bull tag application will still be processed and you could still draw that tag.

Q: Can I earn bonus points on the spike elk hunt if unsuccessful?

A: Yes, spike elk is its own bonus point category.

Q: Can I apply for both the spike bull hunt and an antlerless elk hunt in the same draw?

A: Yes. You could possibly draw both so make your selections wisely. Also, if unsuccessful for either hunt, bonus points will be earned separately on each.

Q: How many antlerless elk applications can I submit in the same draw?

A: You can only submit one application for each type antlerless elk hunt in the same draw.That means you could apply for an antlerless elk management tag in a combination hunt, antlerless elk hunt, and antlerless elk depredation. You will be paying the nonrefundable application fees for each application submitted and you will only be able to draw one antlerless elk tag.

Ram and Ewe Sheep Eligibility Information Q&A

Q: I am eligible for a bighorn sheep ram hunt (Desert or California). Can I apply for the bighorn sheep ewe hunt?

A: Yes, if you are eligible for both. However, you will only be able to obtain one tag in the same subspecies. Be aware that if the ewe application is drawn first, the ram application will become unsuccessful and vice versa. One strategy is to put in for bonus points for one or the other hunts.

Q: I am eligible for a Rocky Mountain ram hunt. Can I apply for the Desert and California bighorn ewe hunt?

A: Yes. As long as you are eligible for those hunts.

What’s New for 2017


  • New hunts added for horns-shorter-than-ears (2181), Nonresident Any Legal Weapon (2251), and Archery Hunt (2261).

Mule Deer:

  • A new late Any Legal Weapon Antlered Hunt 1331 added in Unit 115. Resident and Nonresident Muzzleloader Hunt 1371 extended to Oct 4 in units that previously ended on Sept 30. Archery and muzzleloader antlered hunts in Unit 015 were moved to early fall seasons.

Bighorn & Goats:

  • Late seasons were added for Resident Desert Bighorn Hunt 3151 in Units 045, 153, and 213. Early and late seasons were added for Nonresident Desert Bighorn Hunt 3251 in Units 212 and 213. Unit 091 and a late season in Unit 114 were added to Resident Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Hunt 9151. A Nonresident Mountain Goat Hunt 7251 in Unit 102 has also been added.


  • Early season Antlered Elk Any Legal Weapon Elk Hunt (4151) added to Unit Groups 161-164, 241-242, and 262. Nonresident Antlered Elk Any Legal Weapon Hunt (4251) seasons were added for Unit 075 late and Unit Group 161-164, 171-173. In Units 072-075, antlered elk muzzleloader seasons are now Sept 1 – Sept 16 and antlered elk archery seasons are now Aug 16 – Aug 31.
  • Early season dates for Antlerless Elk Any Legal Weapon Hunts (4181 and 4281) in Unit Groups comprising Units 061, 062, 064, 066-068, 071-075 were standardized to Sept 17-Oct 4 and Units 104, 108, 121, 131, 132, 111-115, 221-223, 231, 241, 242 were standardized to Sept 25-Oct 4. Late season Antlerless Elk Any Legal Weapon Hunts (4181 and 4281) occurring north of Highway 50 and Unit Group 161-164 were extended to Jan 31. Late season Antlerless Elk Any Legal Weapon Hunts (4181 and 4281) occurring south of Highway 50 except for Unit Group 161-164 now end on Jan 5. Antlerless elk muzzleloader and archery seasons were adjusted accordingly.
  • Nonresident Antlerless Elk Archery and Muzzleloader Hunts (4211 and 4276) were added to Unit Groups 072; 076, 077, 079, 081; and 108, 131, 132. Nonresident Antlerless Elk Any Legal Weapon Elk Hunt 4281 was added to Unit Groups 108, 131, 132 and 161-164.
  • An early, mid, and late Spike Elk Any Legal Weapon Hunt 4651 was added to Unit Group 072-074.
  • The combo antlerless management elk tag option was added to Nonresident Mule Deer Hunt 1331 and Resident Junior Mule Deer Hunt 1107 for Unit Group 072-077, 079.
  • Eliminated the combo antlerless elk tag option for Any Legal Weapon Antlered Elk Hunt 4151.

Big Game Seasons

CR 17-05

Limits and Hours

The limit is one and the hunting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset for all big game hunts, unless otherwise specified.

Important: The quotas listed are those from last year (2016). Big game quotas will not be set until the May 2017 Commission meeting in order to accommodate the most current data on big game herds. New hunts, dates or units added to a hunt are marked in bold italics.

Note: Standard dates for opening and closing of seasons are set by calendar date and not based on Saturday opening and Sunday closing day.

Important Information for the 2017 Big Game Seasons.

Antelope: Starting with 2017 tags, waiting period for antelope with horns-longer-than-ears is now 3 years regardless of hunt success.

Elk: Starting with 2017 tags the waiting period for antlered elk tag is now 7 years regardless of hunt success. The previous 5 year waiting period remains in effect for antlered elk tag holders who were unsuccessful harvesting in 2016 or earlier.

Hunt Unit Advisories

In an effort to improve your hunting experience, the Nevada Department of Wildlife has put together a table of hunter access restrictions and other advisories for specific hunts and unit groups. This information may affect your decision on where to apply this year. You can find the 2017 Hunt Unit Advisory on the NDOW website at

Helicopters and your Hunt

Each year, the Nevada Department of Wildlife conducts about 1000 hours of surveys with two Department helicopters to determine the productivity and distribution of wildlife species from mule deer to eagles. These aircraft are occasionally supplemented by contracted fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters to assist during high-demand periods. Wildlife surveys are essential to harvest regulation, and the Department strives to avoid conducting surveys during hunting seasons. Unfortunately, weather and demands associated with optimal survey timing, the Department must conduct surveys during seasons when a hunt may be ongoing. We are asking hunters to recognize that a survey may occur during any open hunting season, although the Department will do its best to reduce this to the extent possible.

Notable Season Overlaps

The Department strives to minimize season overlaps among weapon class and animal gender. In order to provide adequate opportunity to hunters or capitalize on animal accessibility, these overlaps are sometimes unavoidable. Notable overlaps in 2017 big game seasons include:

  • Antlered Deer Muzzleloader Hunt partially overlaps early season Antlerless Elk Any Legal Weapon Hunt in many areas;
  • Units 072-075 Antlered Elk Muzzleloader Hunt overlaps Antlerless Elk Muzzleloader Hunt;
  • Unit 081 Antlered Elk Hunts, the 2nd season of the Antlerless Elk Depredation Hunt 4107 partially overlaps Antlered Elk Archery Hunt. The 4th season of the Antlerless Elk Depredation Hunt overlaps Antlered Elk Any Legal Weapon Hunt;
  • Units 161-164 Antlered Elk Archery Hunt partially overlaps Antlerless Elk Muzzleloader Hunt;
  • Unit 262 Antlered Elk Any Legal Weapon Hunt overlaps Antlered Deer Muzzleloader Hunt.

Important 2017 Application Calendar Dates

2017 Application Calendar

Big Game Main Draw

Big Game Second Draw

Big Game First Come/First Serve Draw

Application Period Opens




Application Period Deadline




Bonus Point Application & Application Withdrawal Period Closes




Results Release Date