Licenses & Fees

Saltwater Marine Fishing Regulations Mississippi Saltwater Fishing

License Fees

Type of License

Resident License Fees



Commercial Shrimp/Captain Under 30’ Boat


Commercial Shrimp/Captain 30’ to 45’ Boat


Commercial Shrimp/Captain Over 45’ Boat


Mississippi Captain’s License


Recreational Crab Trap


Commercial Crab Trawl


Commercial Crab Trap


Recreational Saltwater Fishing License*

$12.29 **

Fishing Boat License/Gill & Trammel Net


Charter Boat


Commercial Hook and Line/Gig per Vessel


Commercial Hook and Line/Gig per Fisherman


Menhaden Boat/Net


Lifetime License (for 65 and older)***


Saltwater Minnow****




Commercial Tonging*****


Commercial Dredging*****


Live Bait Shrimp
Live-bait Shrimp Dealer


Live-bait Shrimp Boat


Business License
Interstate Commerce


Seafood Dealer/Processor******


Menhaden Processor


Seafood Transport License


Fresh Product Permit

No Charge

License Sales

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Cash
  • In-state check (must have MS address)
  • Out-of-state business checks
  • Cashier’s check/money order

The Department of Marine Resources does not accept any credit/debit cards or out-of-state personal checks.

24-Hour License Sales

Call 1-800-546-4868 or purchase online at mdwfp.com/license/fishing.

Purchase at the MDMR

1141 Bayview Avenue,

Biloxi, Mississippi 39530,

Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Recreational saltwater fishing licenses

Most Wal-Mart, Kmart, sporting goods stores, bait shops and fishing camps.

For more information call the MDMR at 228-374-5000 or visit dmr.ms.gov/license.