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Mississippi’s Hunter Education Program

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Hunter Education works

Since 1950 when formal hunter safety programs were introduced, the number of hunting and firearms-related accidents has declined dramatically. In Mississippi, we know that our hunter education efforts have reduced firearms accidents and saved lives. MDWFP offers the hunter education classes at numerous locations across the state, and the course includes ten (10) hours of instruction. Students must be ten (10) years old, must attend all course hours and score 70 or greater on the written exam.

Hunter Education Courses are typically held in each county during the late summer, fall, and winter months. Courses are taught by MDWFP staff or by certified volunteer instructors. Most Hunter Education Courses are held on Saturday; however some classes may be divided into multiple days. Updated Hunter Education Course schedules are available in August of each year at Schedule date, time, or location is subject to change, so it is important to call and verify in advance prior to attending the course.

Hunter Education Courses are also offered online. However, the online course is not intended to replace the traditional classroom course, but is designed to work within the established course curriculum and allow the Hunter Education Certification to be obtained throughout the year. Upon completing the online exam, the student then must complete the final three hours within a classroom setting. This allows the student time to interact with the instructor, and complete final testing. The last three hours of the online Hunter Education Course is available at any of the regional offices each week or at pre-determined times during the Hunter Education class held in each county. Please call one of our regional offices to sign up to complete the online hunter education class.

The Hunter Education program is designed to:

  • teach hunter ethics and responsibility
  • reduce hunting accidents
  • promote wildlife conservation
  • teach firearm safety
  • recruit new hunters

Course contents include:

  • hunter ethics and responsibility
  • history of firearms
  • types of firearms
  • types of ammunition
  • safe gun handling
  • fundamentals of marksmanship
  • bowhunting skills
  • wildlife identification
  • principles of wildlife management
  • basic survival skills
  • water safety
  • dangers of hypothermia
  • first aid fundamentals
  • tree stand safety guidelines

All Hunter Education classes require online pre-registration.

To locate and register for a class, visit our website at and select a county.

For more information about a hunter education class, or to replace a hunter education card, contact:

MDWFP, Hunter Education Division

1505 Eastover Drive

Jackson, MS 39211-6374

1-800-354-5033 or call your

Regional Office*

*See the region map on General WMA Information for the phone number of the regional office nearest you.

MDWFP offers the Hunter Education course online.
Visit for more information.

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