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Message from the Director

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Welcome to the Mississippi Outdoor Digest

Mississippi’s lands and waters are as unique as the people who enjoy them, and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks is entrusted with conserving and protecting these abundant natural resources. From white-tailed deer hunting to bird watching, the Magnolia state has something to offer all who enjoy the outdoors. Along with our public hunting and fishing opportunities, the MDWFP operates 25 state parks designed to be family-friendly and offer many outdoor activities.

As an Agency, we appreciate the men and women who have supported our conservation efforts through the years. It is this support, from these individuals who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, that helps to ensure the continued success and sustainability of our natural resources for Mississippi’s future generations.

The time we spend outdoors in the Magnolia state with friends and family create cherished memories. I have found that each outdoor excursion brings with it the opportunity to see and experience something new and possibly unique. I hope each of you has a safe and successful hunting season.

Good luck this season.

Sam Polles, Ph.D.

Executive Director

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