Michigan-Indiana Border Lakes

Fishing Regulations Michigan Freshwater Fishing

Michigan-Indiana Bordering Lakes

Residents of Indiana or Michigan fishing in any of the waters listed below and who possess a valid fishing license for either state, shall be permitted to fish therein only in accordance with the laws and regulations of the state having jurisdiction over that portion of the waters in which fishing is done.

Clear Lake – Indiana, St. Joseph Co./South Clear Lake – Michigan, Berrien Co., Indiana Lake – Indiana, Elkhart Co./Michigan, Cass Co., Fish Lake – Indiana, La Grange Co./Michigan, St. Joseph Co., Lake George – Indiana, Steuben Co./Michigan, Branch Co., Long Lake -Indiana, Steuben Co./Michigan, Hillsdale Co.

Sylvania Wilderness Area Regulations

The following lakes in Gogebic County are subject to special regulations: Banks, East Bear, West Bear, Clark, Corey, Cub, Deer Island, Dorothy, Elsie, Fisher, Florence, Germain, Glimmerglass, Golden Silence, Hay, Helen, High, Honey, Jay, Johnston Springs, Katherine, Kerr, Liluis, Lois, Loon, Louise, Marsh, Moss, Mountain, Snap Jack, Trapper, and Whitefish Lakes.


Statewide seasons apply for all fish species, except that no fishing shall be allowed before the last Sat. in Apr. or after Oct. 31 of each year.

Size Limits

  • Lake trout: not less than 30″.
  • Walleye: not less than 20″.
  • Northern pike: not less than 30″.
  • All other species: no size limit.

Possession Limits

  • Largemouth or smallmouth bass must be returned immediately to the water without injury and may not be possessed on the special provision lakes of the Sylvania Wilderness Area.
  • Northern pike, walleye and lake trout: not more than 1 fish of any of these species.
  • All other species: 10 singly or in any combination of species.

Method of Take

  • Hook-and-line fishing only, not to exceed 3 lines to which may be attached a total of 6 hooks on all lines. All hooks attached to a manufactured artificial lure shall be counted as 1 hook.
  • Only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used. “Artificial lure” means any lure that is man-made, in imitation of or as a substitute for natural bait, used to attract fish for the purpose of taking them, and shall include artificial flies. Barbless hooks are defined as a hook from which all barbs have been deleted when manufactured, filed off, or pinched down.
  • Live bait, dead or preserved bait, organic or processed food, or scented material may not be used or possessed at any time on special provision Sylvania Wilderness Area lakes.