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Major Regulation Changes

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New regulations appear in red text throughout the website.


  • Crayfish: New regulations are in effect on the use and possession of non-native crayfish species as bait (See Common Terms).
  • Muskellunge Size Limits: Two waters now have higher size limits on muskellunge (See General Hook & Line Regulations).
  • Hook and Line Restrictions: The Clinton River cut-off channel (Macomb County) from the spillway weir to the Harper Rd. Bridge has new fishing regulations (See Exceptions to General Regulations by County).
  • Fishing Regulations Change – Craig Lake State Park Waters (Baraga County): The minimum size limit on walleye is now 15”.
  • Jewett Lake (Ogemaw County): The special regulations and permit requirement to fish there have been removed and now general statewide regulations apply.

Betsie River

  • Spawning Closure: The lower portion of the Betsie River from the Betsie Valley Trail Bridge (former railroad trestle bridge) west to a line in Betsie Bay between the westernmost dock of the Northstar Marina and the westernmost dock of the Eastshore Marina is closed to fishing until further notice.

NOTICE: This brochure is not a legal notice or a complete collection of fishing regulations and laws. It is a condensed guide issued for anglers’ convenience. Copies of Fisheries Orders can be obtained from our website,

Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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