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Lake Sturgeon Regulations

Fishing Regulations Michigan Freshwater Fishing

All sturgeon anglers shall obtain a non-transferable Lake Sturgeon Fishing Permit and Harvest Tag prior to fishing for lake sturgeon (available at license vendors). Upon harvesting a lake sturgeon, anglers must validate their Lake Sturgeon Harvest Tag, attach it to the lake sturgeon, and register their harvest within 24 hours (except as noted below) at a designated registration site. Lake sturgeon harvest is limited to only 1 lake sturgeon per angler per year (Apr. 1 – Mar. 31). Harvest of lake sturgeon is limited to the waters of the state listed in the table below where harvest is allowed. Spearing for lake sturgeon is prohibited, except in Black Lake (Cheboygan County), during special winter season; pre-registration is required. For more information, visit

Table 2: Lake Sturgeon

Hook & Line Fishing Only (except as indicated above)



Regulations and Size Restrictions

Great Lakes and Connecting Waters (except L. St. Clair and St. Clair R.; see below), all inland waters (except those listed below)

Fishing Season:
Jul. 16 – Nov. 30

Possession Season: None

No Possession. All lake sturgeon must be released immediately.

Lake St. Clair and St. Clair River

Fishing Season:
Jul. 16 – Nov. 30

Possession Season:
Jul. 16 – Sep. 30

Between 42″ – 50″, inclusive. Lake sturgeon less than 42″ and greater than 50″ must be released immediately.

Otsego Lake (Otsego Co.)

Fishing and Possession Season:
Jul. 16 – Mar. 15

50″ minimum size limit. Lake sturgeon less than 50″ must be released immediately.

All MI-WI Boundary Waters
(see Michigan-Wisconsin Boundary Water Regulations for more details)

Fishing and Possession Season:
1st Sat. in Sep. – Sep. 30

60″ minimum size limit. Lake sturgeon less than 60″ must be released immediately.

Black Lake (Cheboygan Co.)

Fishing and Possession Season:
1st Sat. in Feb. through the following Wed. or until the quota is reached
(whichever comes first)

No size limit. All harvested lake sturgeon must be reported immediately to DNR on site. Contact DNR Gaylord office (989) 732-3541 for details.