Saltwater Permits

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Have any questions regarding saltwater fishing regulations?

Call the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries information hotline at (617) 626-1520 or visit mass.gov/marinefisheries or email marine.fish@state.ma.us

Saltwater Fishing Permits

Saltwater anglers in Massachusetts are required to purchase a state recreational saltwater fishing permit. The fee for this permit is $10 and is the same cost for all anglers, including non-residents. Anglers younger than 16, or disabled, or who fish only on charter boats or “head boats” are exempt from this requirement. Anglers age 60 and older will need to obtain a permit, but the saltwater permit is free. The permit is available online, by mail, and in person at participating vendors and the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries offices in Gloucester, Boston, and New Bedford. For more information, please visit: mass.gov/dmf/saltwaterpermits.

<h2″>Ask the landownerHunting, fishing, and trapping are permitted on private land that is not posted against trespass; however, some towns have bylaws that require written permission. As a courtesy, ask the landowner for permission in advance. Landowners with posted land may provide (written) permission for individuals to access their property. Written landowner permission is required to trap on posted land. Hunters should check for relevant town bylaws pertaining to any written permission requirements and restrictions on discharge of firearms.

Stop the Spread of Nuisance Aquatic Plants and Animals

Boaters, anglers, and other lake and river users are reminded that many unwanted, invasive species can be transported and inadvertently introduced to new waters by hitchhiking undetected on your boat, trailer, motor, waders, diving equipment, and other fishing gear. Please clean and decontaminate your boat, motor, trailer, ropes, and gear; drain your boat, motor, and live well(s); and make sure your equipment is thoroughly dry before entering any body of water. For more information contact Massachusetts DCR Lakes and Ponds Program at (617) 626-1250 or mass.gov/lakesandponds.