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Massachusetts Saltwater Fish Records

Saltwater Marine Fishing Regulations Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing






Albacore 65 lb. Canyons 8/23/03 Tommy Good
Bigeye Tuna 231 lb. Oceanographer Canyon 8/28/10 Randy Parda
Black Sea Bass 8 lb. 15 oz. Buzzards Bay 5/12/07 Aaron Costa
Bluefish 27 lb. 4 oz. Graves Light 9/11/82 Louis Gordon
Bluefin Tuna 1228 lb. Cape Cod Bay 9/23/84 Marlene
Blue Marlin* 873 lb. Canyons 8/21/15 Dr. Ralph DeLaTorre
Blue Shark 458 lb. 2 oz. Jeffreys Ledge 8/9/11 Ethan Lynch
Bonito 13 lb. 8 oz. New Bedford Dike 9/23/02 Eddie Gomez
Cod 92 lb. Jeffreys Ledge 7/5/87 Robert Radzik
Coho Salmon 18 lb. 8 oz. North River 1/21/86 James Lewis
Cusk 34 lb. 4 oz. Stellwagen Bank 7/15/90 Gabe
Dolphin 61 lb. 3 oz. Veatch
8/8/09 Ty Warren
19 lb. 5 oz. Edgartown 9/27/90 Donald
Fluke 21 lb. 8 oz. Nomans Island 9/25/80 Joseph
Haddock 20 lb. Stellwagen Bank 1972 Don Rehnstrom
20 lb. Boston
8/3/74 Joseph
Halibut 321 lb. Massachusetts Bay 7/21/65 Norman Cournoyer
8 lb. 6 oz. Lucas Shoals 9/27/08 Tim Broderick
Mackerel 3 lb. 8 oz. Hampton Shoal 10/9/94 Steve
Mako Shark 1324 lb. Massachusetts Bay 7/27/99 Kevin Scola
Pollock 48 lb. 2 oz. Cashes Ledge 9/14/92 Sal Mocerino
Porbeagle 495 lb. Offshore 7/22/11 Jesse Siegel
Scup 5 lb. 14 oz. Nomans Island 10/17/83 Robert Pimental


8 lb. Vineyard Sound 10/8/11 Joe Canha
Striped Bass 73 lb. Quicks Hole 1913 Charles Church
73 lb. Sow and Pigs 1967 Charles Cinto
73 lb. Nauset Beach 11/3/81 Anton Stetzko
Swordfish 646 lb. Nomans Island 1972 Albert Little
Tautog 22 lb. 9 oz. Gay Head 6/29/78 Michael Horsely
Thresher 630 lb. Offshore 7/23/11 Timothy Delude
Wahoo 182 lb. 12 oz. Offshore 2016 Derek Wittkamper
Weakfish 18 lb. 12 oz. Buzzards Bay 8/19/84 George Mahoney
White Marlin 131 lb. Nantucket 7/30/82 Ted Nfatzger


8 lb. 2 oz. Georges Bank 7/12/96 Tom Hillebrand
Wolffish 55 lb. Cape Cod Bay 6/19/00 Andrew Glovsky


187 lb. Nantucket 8/5/90 Mark Boujoukos
* New state record

How to Measure Your Catch

For Massachusetts marine waters minimum fish sizes are measured as total length. This is the greatest straight line length (not curved over the body) in inches as measured on a fish with its mouth closed from the anterior tip of the jaw or snout to the farthest extremity of the tail. Fish should be firmly grasped with both hands for proper measuring. Care should be taken so that the head of the fish firmly contacts the zero mark on rulers and tapes simultaneously with the tail extremity.