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Division of Fisheries & Wildlife

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McLaughlin Fish Hatchery

90 East Street, Belchertown 01007, (413) 323-7671

  • Jim Hahn, Supervisor

Field Headquarters

100 Hartwell St., Suite 230 West Boylston 01583, (508) 389-6300

  • Dr. Robert D. Deblinger, Deputy Director, Field Operations
  • Dr. Thomas W. French, Asst. Director, Natural Heritage & Endangered Species
  • Thomas K. O’Shea, Asst. Director, Wildlife
  • Dr. Ken Simmons, Chief Fish Culturist
  • Dr. Mark Tisa, Asst. Director, Fisheries
  • Marion Larson, Chief, Information & Education

Boston Office

251 Causeway Street, Ste. 400, Boston 02114, (617) 626-1590

  • Wayne F. MacCallum, Director
  • Jack Buckley, Deputy Director, Admin.
  • Kris McCarthy, Chief Financial Officer
  • Craig MacDonnell, Chief of Wildlife Lands


251 Causeway Street, Ste. 400, Boston, 02114, (617) 626-1550

  • Mary Griffin, Commissioner

Hunter Education Program

51 Groton-Shirley Road, Ayer 01432, (978) 772-0693

  • Susan Langlois, Administrator

Western Wildlife District

88 Old Windsor Road, Dalton 01226, (413) 684-1646

  • Andrew Madden, District Supervisor

Connecticut Valley Wildlife District

341 East Street, Belchertown 01007, (413) 323-7632

  • Ralph Taylor, District Supervisor

Central Wildlife District

211 Temple Street, West Boylston 01583, (508) 835-3607

  • Bill Davis, District Supervisor

Northeast Wildlife District

85 Fitchburg Road, Ayer 01432, (978) 772-2145

  • Patricia Huckery, District Supervisor

Southeast Wildlife District

195 Bournedale Road, Buzzards Bay 02532, (508) 759-3406

  • Jason Zimmer, District Supervisor

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