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2019 State Records:

  • Gray Triggerfish (Atlantic)
    5.6 lbs., 16mi. offshore Ocean City
    10/30/2019, Angler: Mike Glyphis
  • Atlantic Tripletail (Atlantic)
    11 lbs., Baltimore Canyon
    10/19/2019, Angler: Don Whittington
  • Dolphinfish (Atlantic)
    74.5 lbs., outside Poorman’s Canyon
    8/16/2019, Angler: Kristy Frashure
  • Dolphinfish (Atlantic)*
    72.8 lbs., Poorman’s Canyon
    7/28/2019, Angler: Jeff Wright
  • Florida Pompano (Chesapeake)
    3.4 lbs., Stone Rock
    7/22/2019, Angler: Scott Hartzell Jr.
  • Catfish, Bullhead (Nontidal)
    4.9 lbs., Big Gunpowder Falls
    5/21/2019, Angler: Nick Palese
  • White Hake (Atlantic)
    16.7 lbs., Poorman’s Canyon
    5/16/2019, Angler: Brian Gay
  • Fallfish (Nontidal)
    2.1 lbs., Upper Potomac River
    3/20/2019, Angler: Adam Aghion
  • Longnose Gar (Chesapeake)
    17.9 lbs., Marshyhope Creek
    1/23/2019, Angler: David Confair

* This record was surpassed

Did you know?

  • Changes are coming for striped bass? Keep up to date with the changes at eregulations.com/maryland/fishing/striped-bass/.
  • We have new shark rules? See Sharks for details.
  • You don’t have to have a paper copy of your license with you? Make sure you have an electronic copy (phone or another device) and a photo ID with you when you’re fishing.
  • You have to register your crab pot every year? See Recreational Crabbing Licenses & Crab Pot Registration for details.
  • You have to have a license or be registered to fish in the Chesapeake Bay, its tidal tributaries, the Atlantic Ocean, or its coastal bays? See Licenses & Fees for details and exemptions.