Sport Fisheries Advisory Commission

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This commission is comprised of individuals from across the state who represent the interests of various recreational fishing constituencies. The meeting schedule, agenda, summaries of past meetings, member affiliations and contact information are at dnr.maryland.gov/fisheries.


Ms. Beverly Fleming
Marine and Ocean Surf Fisheries, Assateague Mobile Sportsfishermen’s Association

Mr. Sewell Frey
Aquaculture Industry

Captain Edward Green
Tidal Fisheries,
Charter Boat Captain

Mr. Edward Kucharski
Tidal Fisheries

Captain Phil Langley
Tidal Fisheries,
Charter Boat Captain

Mr. Steven R. Lay
Tidal Fisheries Advisory Commission Liaison

Mr. Scott Lenox
Marine Fisheries

Mr. Valentine Lynch
Marine Fisheries, Ocean City Light Tackle Club

Dr. Raymond P. Morgan II
Nontidal Fisheries — Western Maryland

Mr. John Neely
Nontidal Coldwater, Tidal Fisheries

Mr. Charles Nemphos
Outfitter, Outdoors Retailer

Mr. Eric Packard
Nontidal, Tidal Fisheries

Mr. David Sikorski
Coastal Conservation Association

Mr. David M. Sutherland
Marine Conservation and Economics

Mr. Roger Trageser
Nontidal, Tidal Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass Fisheries, Maryland Bass Nation

Mr. James Wommack
Tidal, Marine Fisheries