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Below is content from the 2013 guide.


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Dear Anglers:


Renowned for our magnificent Chesapeake Bay, Maryland’s vast network of waterways offers an exceptional array of sport fishing opportunities in every corner of the State.  Whether fly fishing for Brook Trout along a quiet stream or battling a White Marlin on the Atlantic, Maryland waters are home to more than 60 recreational species…  fish to tempt virtually every enthusiast’s interest and palate.

Along with these extraordinary opportunities comes extraordinary responsibility to protect our natural and living resources.  As anglers we are members of an extended community of committed stewards, who – through license and stamp revenues — support fisheries research, management, education and  conservation, expanded public access for everyone, hatchery production and stocking in public waters.

Perhaps our most important responsibility, however, is to share our great outdoor heritage, to inspire and encourage the stewards of tomorrow. To “Catch a fish,” is one of 10 Maryland Children’s Outdoor Rights.  When we take one child fishing, we become part of a broader effort to ensure all of our young people have the opportunity to connect with their natural world and grow to become informed and responsible adults.

Thank you for being a part of Maryland’s wonderful fishing tradition and for your contributions to a smarter, greener, more sustainable future.

Fish on!

Check out the Maryland Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights


Dear Anglers:

14MDFW-Director.jpgAs you head out for a day of fishing, please join me in considering how our lives onshore affect our enjoyment on the water. Fishing success depends on mixed measures of preparation, skill, patience and faith that the fish will be there and in a cooperative mood. Of all these factors, the fish are the most critical component. Just like us, they need clean and healthy places to live, eat, reproduce, grow and survive.

Our daily habits, sensibilities, and plans for growth have everything to do with how our fish will flourish; or not.

Forests, wetlands, swamps, and marshes help store and filter harmful nutrients and other pollutants that we shed in the course of our modern ways of life. I encourage you to be aware of the human impact and our individual and civic powers to preserve and restore natural open spaces.

Please tune into local plans for growth and development to ensure that impacts to our waters and our fish will not be harmful.

Together with care, awareness, and community engagement, we can secure bright futures for our young anglers, their children to come, and the fish.


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