Message from the DNR

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Dear Anglers,

Maryland is known for our great fishing and our diverse waterways — from the clear, cold waters of Deep Creek Lake; to the rushing rivers and streams that feed the Chesapeake Bay; to the quiet coves of the Eastern Shore; and to the pounding surf of the Atlantic Ocean.

What is truly unique about this diverse collection of fishing spots is that no location is more than three or four hours from your front door.

Recreational fishing in Maryland is more than just fun — it is an essential component of the conservation and effective management of our aquatic species.

In fact, right now Maryland’s recreational anglers are assisting with one of our most important environmental initiatives — the removal of destructive invasive species such as the blue catfish, northern snakehead, and flathead catfish. Introduced to our waters years ago, these species pose a direct threat to the ecosystems of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. The most effective method of removal is to catch them and eat them. With no catch limits or season limits, we encourage you to join the fight!

Fishing is also important to our economy. Outdoor recreation in Maryland contributes to $14 billion in consumer spending, $4.4 billion in wages and salaries, and $951 million in state and local tax revenue.

The value in watching a young angler make their first big catch, is priceless! Teaching young Marylanders the enjoyment of fishing along with the importance of the Chesapeake Bay is a great way to inspire the next generation of stewards.

Thank you for fishing in Maryland, and best wishes for a memorable year on the water!


Larry Hogan,


Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio,

Secretary of Maryland Department of Natural Resources