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Vertical Bow & Crossbow Regulations

Vertical Bow Regulations

  • Vertical bows (compound, recurve, or straight limb) may be used to hunt nutria, woodchucks, and all game birds and game mammals, including migratory game birds, with the exception of beavers, weasels, mink, muskrats, and river otters.
  • Draw locking devices are legal on all vertical bows except when hunting waterfowl.
  • Release aids are permitted.
  • For hunting deer and bear, the vertical bow shall have a full draw and pull of not less than 30 pounds.

Crossbow Regulations

  • Crossbows may be used to hunt nutria, woodchucks, and all game birds and game mammals with the exception of beavers, weasels, mink, muskrats, river otters, and waterfowl.
  • The use of telescopic and laser sights is permitted on all crossbows.
  • A crossbow used for deer or bear hunting shall have a draw of not less than 75 pounds.
  • All crossbows should have a working safety.
  • It is unlawful to have a loaded crossbow in, on or leaning against a vehicle. A loaded crossbow is one that is cocked AND has an arrow or bolt in the firing position.

Regulations Pertaining to Both Vertical Bows and Crossbows

  • Arrows used for deer or bear hunting must have a sharpened broadhead with metal points and a minimum width of 78 of an inch.
  • The vertical bow and crossbow may be used for hunting deer during the Deer Firearms Season and Muzzleloader Season, in accordance with Firearms and Muzzleloader Season regulations.
  • Firearms may not be carried while hunting deer during the Archery Season with one exception: in Deer Management Region A, persons 21 years old or older may carry a handgun for personal protection while hunting deer in the Archery Season if that handgun: (1) has a barrel length of six inches or less; (2) does not have a telescopic sight or electronic aiming device attached; and (3) is not used to kill wildlife wounded by a vertical bow or crossbow.
  • The use of poisoned or explosive tipped arrows is not permitted.

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