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What’s New for 2014-15

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New Regulations

  • Maryland has instituted an antler point restriction on some, but not all, of the hantlered white-tailed deer a hunter may take statewide. No more than two antlered deer having less than three antler points one inch or longer on each antler present may be taken per license year. This applies to Regions A and B. See Deer and 2014-2015 White Tailed Deer Seasons & Bag Limits.  Junior hunters that possess a valid Junior Hunting License (or junior hunters that are exempt from the licensing requirement) are NOT required to comply with the antler point restriction during any of the deer seasons.
  • The antlerless white-tailed deer bag limit has been reduced from 3 to 2 per license year in Region A. See 2014-2015 White Tailed Deer Seasons & Bag Limits.
  • A three day winter wild turkey season has been added statewide. Rifles are prohibited in all counties during this season. See Wild Turkey. 
  • Millington Wildlife Management Area will now require a Free Central Region Public Hunting Permit and daily reservation for Canada goose and spring turkey hunting. Call 410-356-9272 or 410-928-3650 for information.
  • Several changes have been made to the black bear season. See Black Bear:
    • The season will be open for four days; a quota system will no longer be used to close the season once the harvest has reached the quota range. A bear hunting permit is still required. Bear permits will still be awarded via a lottery system.
    • Members of a bear hunting party no longer need to maintain visual contact while hunting.
    • The landowner subpermittee category has been eliminated; each bear permit holder may select any two subpermittees to hunt with the permittee.
  • Traps set in water or tidal marshes must be checked every two days, this was lengthened from the previous requirement of once every 36 hours. See Furbearers.
  • Fox, coyote, fisher, long-tailed weasel and skunk seasons have been lengthened. See Furbearers.
  • Beaver and otter seasons will open earlier in Allegany and Garrett Counties. See Furbearers.
  • It is now illegal for a person to intentionally wound or kill a deer and not make a reasonable and legal attempt to retrieve that deer. This regulation does not supersede the need for written permission when entering on to another person’s property. See Deer.
  • The sika deer bag limit has been increased to three (no more than one antlered) per weapon season. The muzzleloader bag limit has been changed to allow more sika deer to be taken during the early muzzleloader season. See 2014-2015 Sika Deer Seasons & Bag Limits.
  • Legislation passed during the 2014 General Assembly created several changes for hunters in Maryland:
    • The safety zone for archery hunters has been reduced to 100 yards in Montgomery County. See Hunting Regulations.
    • Archery deer hunters 21 years old or older may carry certain types of handguns for personal protection in Region A. These handguns may not be used for hunting while the person is archery hunting for deer. See Hunting Regulations.
    • Additional Sunday hunting opportunities have been added for deer hunting on private land and DESIGNATED public lands in Allegany, Frederick, Garrett and Washington Counties. See 2014-2015 White Tailed Deer Seasons & Bag Limits.
    • Additional Sunday hunting opportunities have been added for all game mammals and certain game birds on private land and DESIGNATED public lands in Allegany, Garrett and Washington Counties. See Furbearers, Wild Turkey, Small Game, and 2014-2015 White Tailed Deer Seasons & Bag Limits.
    • Additional property has been added to Myrtle Grove WMA in Charles County. For information on accessing the new 773 acres contact the Myrtle Grove office at 301-743-5161.
    • Mourning dove season has been lengthened to 90 days. See Migratory Game Birds. 

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