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Below is content from the 2013 guide.


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It is Illegal:

  • For an angler to use any gear other than handlines or rod & reel. Spear guns, spears, and bows and arrows are specifically prohibited for shark fishing.
  • For an angler to sell, barter, or trade sharks or shark parts.
  • For an angler to engage in shark finning. All sharks caught by an angler must have heads, tails and fins attached naturally to the carcass through landing.
  • To fillet sharks at sea.
  • To harvest any shark species not listed on the table.
  • For a Highly migratory species (HMS) Angling, Charter/headboat, and General Category (if participating in a registered Atlantic HMS tournament) permit holder to possess hammerhead sharks (great, smooth, or scalloped) or oceanic whitetip sharks simultaneously with billfish, tunas, or swordfish.

Gear Restrictions

Anglers may use only handlines or rod & reel.


Shark Species Approved for Recreational Harvest

Closed season

fork length

Daily Creel Shore*

(per angler)


Daily Creel Vessel*

(per trip)


Atlantic sharpnose shark

Bonnethead shark

Finetooth shark

Smooth dogfish

Spiny dogfish



Each recreational shore angler is allowed a maximum of 1 shark per calendar day from this list of approved species.

In addition, each recreational shore angler may harvest 1 of each of the following species per calendar day:

1. Bonnethead

2. Atlantic
sharpnose shark

3. Smooth dogfish

Each recreational vessel is allowed a maximum of 1 shark per trip from this list of approved species.

In addition, each recreational vessel may harvest 1 of each of the following species per trip:

1. Bonnethead

2. Atlantic
sharpnose shark

3. Smooth dogfish

Blacknose shark

Blue shark

Common thresher shark

Oceanic whitetip shark

Porbeagle shark

Shortfin mako shark


54 inches

Blacktip shark

Bull shark

Lemon shark

Nurse shark

Spinner shark

Tiger shark

May 15–July 15

54 inches

Hammerhead shark, great

Hammerhead shark, scalloped

Hammerhead shark, smooth


May 15–July 15

78 inches

*Sharks that are transported by a vessel are considered boat assisted, and regulated under the more restrictive vessel-fishing possession limits regardless of where they were caught.

Prohibited Species: All species not listed in the above table are prohibited.

Shark Identification —


Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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