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Hunter Orange Clothing Requirements

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Articles of hunter orange clothing must be in good and serviceable condition and visible from all sides. A decal on an article of clothing that is otherwise solid-colored hunter orange does not disqualify that article of clothing from satisfying the requirements of this subsection. Hunter orange means a daylight fluorescent orange color with a dominant wave length between 595 and 605 nanometers, excitation purity not less than 85% and luminance factor of not less than 40%.

Waterfowl Hunters

Waterfowl Hunters: are not affected by the provisions below while hunting from a boat, blind, or in conjunction with waterfowl decoys.

Firearms Season on Deer

Anyone who hunts any species with a firearm or crossbow during any firearms season on deer (also on Youth Deer Day) must wear two articles of hunter orange clothing. One article must be a solid-colored hunter orange hat; the other must cover a major portion of the torso, such as a jacket, vest, coat or poncho and must be a minimum of 50% hunter orange in color (camouflage).

Moose Hunting Season

Anyone who hunts any species with a firearm or crossbow in a Wildlife Management District that is open to moose hunting must wear one article of solid-colored hunter orange clothing (hat or clothing) except in the WMDs (15, 16, 22, 23, 25 & 26) open during deer season and WMDs (1–8 & 11) open for November week, where two pieces must be worn. All laws pertaining to deer hunting apply to Moose hunters during these seasons.

Muzzleloading Season on Deer

The hunter orange clothing requirements listed above under the firearms hunting season on deer apply.

Archery Seasons on Deer

Hunter orange clothing is not required while hunting with a bow and arrow during the archery season.

Bear and Bird Hunters

Hunter orange clothing is only required when hunting during the firearms hunting season on deer, the muzzleloading season on deer, or within an open moose hunting district during moose hunting season.

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